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Book Review: Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher

Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher 3.5/5


This book is more women’s fiction than the romance I was expecting. The whole premise is about Lizzy, who thinks her boyfriend is about to propose after 10 years, getting dumped. She has to reevaluate, find her footing in her new life, and rediscover who she was before the relationship.

This is definitely a feel good, positive book that focuses on self love and empowerment. It took me a little while to get stuck in, but the ending was the saving grace for me. I’m so glad that Lizzy stayed true to everything she had learnt and discovered about herself throughout the story and didn’t just shack up with the new hunk who shows a fancy to her.

The sub characters are amazingly well written. I think the world building and backstory make this book enjoyable.

In summary, the book is well written, but felt a little slow gaining momentum at first. I’m happy to have read it to the end, as it definitely grows on you.

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