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Writerly Wisdom

Writerly Wisdom

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

– Oscar Wilde

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Review: Our Frozen Wings by Becky Wicks

Our Frozen Wings by Becky Wicks 3.5/5

“It wasn’t like regular butterflies, Ella thought, watching Oscar turn from distant shapes into the boy she loved as he walked towards her in the snow. Regular butterflies were the sign of a sudden realization, a sudden flash in time that marked the start of all your words and emotions and actions being said and done for someone else. With Ella, there had been no such moment.

Ella’s love for Oscar was advanced, she liked to think. It was more like a fleet of caterpillars moving slowly but surely through her world. Each little caterpillar carried on its back a secret, traveling back and forth between her and Oscar; strong, silent and consistent until one day, the caterpillars simply grew wings.”


This short was pleasantly surprising. Wicks handled the narrative well and fed the conclusion to the reader in tidbits. However I did guess the ending pretty early on in the story, hence my rating.

This short was free on Amazon, and I am glad that this isnt just another ‘come and pay to read my other books to get the conclusion’ short story. This book can standalone, and has a full conclusion. If the reader wants to pay to reads Wicks’ other books it is based on writing skill alone. So, thumbs up for that.

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Weekly Quotes

Writerly Wisdom

Writerly Wisdom

All I can guess is that when I write, I forget that it’s not real. I’m living the story, and I think people can read that sincerity about the characters. They are real to me while I’m writing them, and I think that makes them real to the readers as well.”

– Stephenie Meyer

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Wow, what a great shout out for Zombie Playlist on hjbookblog. Head over and click that follow button for all things bookish.

So as Halloween’s just around the corner I thought of making a list of some of my absolute favorite books to get you ready for the spookiest day of the year.

Here I have compiled a list of 5 books, each belonging to a different sub-genre. These books are underrated but are bound to overwhelm you. And I cannot recommend them enough!

  1. Three Little Words by J. M. Robson: It is a Horror-Thriller novel with a solid back-story that made me fall in love with the book instantly. Here Robson, weaves an amazingly original story with the elements of horror, mystery, thrill and romance. This book is sinister and is bound to haunt you for some time.

My Review of ‘Three Little Words’

Three Little Words

 Visit ‘Three Little Words’ on Goodreads

        BUY LINKS: Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)



2. Ember Burning  by Jennifer Alsever: Ember Burning is…

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Update 26/10/28


October, where have you gone?

Along with planning a Harry Potter party for my daughter in November, a chest infection, weaning my baby, and reading, I have managed some writing sessions. I didn’t reach massive word counts, but I’m back in the swing of it, especially now I have started drafting on my phone. Why didn’t I think to do this before?

You never know, I might have a WIP teaser to share in November’s update…


Once again, it has been a month of short reads. Big reads need time and investment- I have neither. However, I hit my 40 books Goodreads challenge this month.

Here are the links to my October reads:

What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

Book Idea Generator by James Green

Virus the Unknown by Larry Finhouse

Kindle Income by Alex Foster


Just yesterday I hit a fantastic milestone! 500 followers. I’m so grateful to all my new and old followers for clicking that follow button for my little, ol’ blog.

What’s Coming Up?

Oh, you mean apart from my daughter’s birthday and getting ready for Christmas? Yes, you did hear me right. Christmas is just around the corner, so much so our town’s Christmas lights turn on is Nov 30th, and guess what? We put our decs up when the lights are turned on. It has become a bit of a tradition. Not forgetting, I have a 2nd child now, and in this house that means a 2nd elf has to come and stay from December 1st.

I’m also sorting my children’s advent calendars in November. Last year, I made a lucky dip for my daughter. This year, both kids are getting 24 books- one a day until Christmas eve. No, they’re not brand new books. Charity shop books have the same stories in them 😉, and cost a fraction of the price.

Other than that, I hope to get in a few more decent writing sessions, and I’m planning some different blog posts for the New Year.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan 3.5/5

Juniper Townsend died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the ripe, old age of 22.
However, death isn’t the end. In Limbo, she finds a foggy wasteland and strange creatures. She also discovers that during night hours, she can walk among the living. But there are rules. Never influence destiny. Never interfere, because the consequences are dire.
Will she sacrifice eternal freedom to save the innocent?


An interesting take on the afterlife, or at least a part of the afterlife. Ryan adds characters with interesting dynamics in their personalities. Good and bad are blurred in some respects.

This short story is followed up by a sequel. Some intriguing narrative points are laid in place that should result in a sequel with potential. I just wished this book was a little longer to establish the relationships between the characters a little more fully.

The opinions expressed here are those of K.J. Chapman and no other parties

All books reviewed on this blog have been read by K.J.Chapman

K.J.Chapman has not been paid for this review