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3 in 1 Book Review

Wedding Hells by Jennifer Gilby Roberts 3/5

Always the bridesmaid never the bride. Melanie’s younger sister is getting married before her and the family make sure she knows it. I’m not entirely sure if this is a comedy as I feel awful for Melanie all the way through and the ending isn’t much better. At least there is Will.

Before the Garden on Holly Street by Megan Attley 3/5

An introduction to the series, but no real stories with conclusions. I do want stories (even introductions) to have some kind of narrative and conclusion.

However, Attley offers good insight into the various characters and their lifestyles. The rest of the series promises to be good.

Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick 2/5

I found this a little like a rambling self help book with some biographical content in regards to Nikola Tesla. The majority of the book is about ‘what it takes to be a genius’ rather than about Nikola Tesla.

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