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Book Review: Three’s a Crowd

Three’s a Crowd by Sophie McKenzie 3/5

Luke and Eve are heading off on their first holiday together. But they’re staying with Eve’s dad in his Spanish hotel and things aren’t going to go to plan…Eve’s dad treats his daughter like a little girl – and if Luke was hoping for a some summer action with Eve, her father soon puts a stop to it. Eve showcases her singing with the hotel band in the evenings, which means she’s spending a lot of time with the handsome male drummer. Luke’s jealous, but a revenge snog with the gorgeous Catalina doesn’t seem to help his relationship with Eve much, and Cat’s boyfriend is none too pleased either. Suddenly, it’s turning into a holiday from hell…


A story of a teen boy navigating his relationship with the girl of his dreams whilst on a summer break, and the third wheel that is her father.

The writing and dialogue felt smooth and I can’t fault the style. I can understand why young adults may enjoy this book, but I found it hard to relate to/ like Luke. His jealousy was a bit much for me. Wary of every guy who talks to his girlfriend with a possessive inner monologue.

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