Sharing Sundays

Sharing Sundays

This week, I’m bringing a Youtuber to your attention. Emily Bourne has a channel on Youtube where she discusses everything writerly.

Here’s a look at one of her videos: What is Writer’s Block?

Her videos are fun and informative for budding writers, so head over and let her know I sent you her way.

Do you have/know of any blogs, vlogs, or social media pages you think I’d be interested in? Let me know.

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Weekly Quotes

Writerly Wisdom

Writerly Wisdom

Honestly, I think there’s a cycle to the popularity of fantasy and fairytales that usually coincides with times of unrest or hardship in our own world. By retelling these legends or immersing ourselves in fantasy realms, we can safely explore the very real, very day-to-day darkness of our own lives.

– Sarah.J.Maas

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Weekly Quotes

Writerly Wisdom

Writerly Wisdom

All I can guess is that when I write, I forget that it’s not real. I’m living the story, and I think people can read that sincerity about the characters. They are real to me while I’m writing them, and I think that makes them real to the readers as well.”

– Stephenie Meyer

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Book Reviews

Book review: How to Write a Bestselling Nonfiction Ebook in 30 Days or Less by Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney

How to Write a Bestselling Nonfiction Ebook in 30 Days or Less by Joshua Montoya and Marty Cooney 2/5

If you can write an e-mail then you can succeed as a non-fiction author with this step-by-step blueprint to create best-selling non-fiction books.


This is one of the more structured nonfiction ebooks I have read. However, there’s a lot of telling the reader that they need to do something, without actually showing them how.

I would have given a higher star rating if not for a noticeable number of inconsistencies, errors, and unfounded advice.

Firstly, I found some of the sentences structured in a jarring way. This isn’t consistent with the advice of getting an external editor for your work.

Secondly, some of the content is repeated in other chapters. It’s just fluff to bump out the book.

Finally, this comment! For context, the authors are discussing the idea of paying a ghost writer to write your book.

‘(You need to find writers that are native English speaking only! We don’t recommend anything outside of the United States and we never will because you are aiming for quality here.)’

Just eurgh. This sentence is misinformed and offensive in countless ways. Since I’m an English writer, does that mean that I can’t produce a quality book despite being a native English speaker because I’m not American? Huh? Need I say more?

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