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Prompt Me

You may already know quite a lot about my writing prompt book, Prompt Me, if you followed by first blog series of 2019, but for my new followers, I wanted to quickly recap what the book is and where you can get it.

Prompt Me is a book jam packed with 150 writing prompts. There are three main categories: narrative prompts, dialogue prompts, and What would you do if…? prompts.

I love me a good writing prompt, so this book was a natural progression for me. I kept this book under my belt whilst I was writing it for a little bit, because in truth, I wanted to see if it would be any good. A writing prompt book was new territory to me.

As Prompt Me was at a reduced price for 10 whole weeks whilst the series was running, I’m afraid there are no offers on this week. However, you can get your copy from Amazon.

Praise for Prompt Me

A great selection of prompts nicely separated into 3 distinct categories. Really helped spark some new ideas. Definitely recommend it. ~Amazon reviewer

Prompt Me is a brilliant resource for anyone who needs to get those creative juices flowing.~ Amazon reviewer

It has to be one of the best prompt books I’ve come across for me personally.’ ~Amazon reviewer

This is the last book promo post for a while. My character interviews posts start next Wednesday. I hope you pop in to see what’s in store.

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Prompt Me Series

Prompt Me #2

As I explained in week one, I have a writing Prompts ebook available from Amazon called Prompt Me. While this blog series is running, you can get a copy for just 99p.

This series will run for 10 weeks. Each week I take a different prompt from the book and expand on it.

You can join in too. Whether it be a paragraph or a short story, follow me in getting creative, tag me to let me know, and I will feature a snippet of your interpretation on Writerly Bookish Stuff and send my readers your way.

If you are just here to read and not partake, that’s great too. Thank you for stopping by.


“Have I ever let anything bad happen to you?

My Interpretation:

“I am not getting on the back of that… that… what even is that?” Cerys asks, eyeing the trike with scrutiny. “Uh uh, no way, Matty.”

“It’s nothing more than a three wheeled motorbike. It’s the quickest way to get back to the colony.” It splutters into life much to my relief. “We’ll have just enough fuel if this gauge is right.”

Cerys takes a walk around the trike, not taking her eyes from the rust covered shell and plume of black smog pumping from the exhaust. She picks up a piece of coiled metal from the mud. “Should this be attached to that?”

“Stop stalling and get on. We need to get back before nightfall. Don’t you trust your brother? Have I ever let anything bad happen to you?”

She laughs into the air. “Oh, let me see? There’s that time you got us locked in a nightclub for over twenty four hours, and the time you stashed illegal bank notes in my suitcase. Oh, and last month when you coaxed me into breaking into the pantry for booze. You knew that window frame was rotted through. Doc had to remove a splinter from my butt the size of a cocktail stick.”

It’s all I can do not to laugh at the memory. “Run-ins with the law and a splinter in your ass isn’t the type of bad I’m talking about, Sis.”

Cerys knows all too well that being out after dark is more dangerous than this bucket of rust and climbs on the back. She can kick up a stink and be a pain in my ass, but deep down she knows when shit gets real, I have her back.

Large shadows from the clouds roll over the barren fields below us, and a familiar, yet terrifying screech carries on the wind.

“They’re sounding particularly angsty today,” I say, pulling on the helmet.

Cerys nods. “Sunset is in twenty one minutes. Get us home.”

Remember, if you are joining in with this series, let me know in the comments, and tag me in your posts (whether they be blog or social media) to let me have a read of your interpretation. It can be anything from just a paragraph to a short story like mine.

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Prompt Me Series

First Blog Series of 2019: What’s It All About?

Did you know that I have published a writing prompt ebook? Prompt Me was published in 2016. You can get a copy for just 99p from Amazon for the 10 weeks that this blog series is running. This series will start on January 2nd.

So, what is this blog series? This series is all about Prompt Me. Each week, I shall choose one of the one hundred and fifty prompts and expand on it.

I invite you to join in with this series on your blog/ social media each week, and I would love to feature a snippet of your interpretations on Writerly Bookish Stuff with links to send my readers your way.

However, If you just want to stop by and read my prompt interpretation that’s awesome too.

I hope you pop in on January 2nd, and don’t forget to grab your copy of Prompt Me at the discounted price.

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Picture Prompts

Picture Prompt 10/08/17


Here is another of my Instagram picture prompts for you to get creative with. I invite you to have a go at writing a sentence/paragraph/short story to accompany the picture. Remember to link your post back to me, so I can read your creations and spotlight them in the next picture prompt post.

You can find me on Instagram by following this link.



K.J. CHAPMAN(7).png

*This picture was taken at Kynance Cove, Cornwall*

“There’s a boy out there!” I shout, squinting from the glare of the sun on the water.

He appears to be waist deep in the sea, but is surely at least two hundred yards out. He’d be way out of his depth. His clothes are wet, and his hair slick to his face. I know he looks at me for a little hand waves in my direction.

“Where?” Sally asks, scanning the water.

“He was just there,” I reply, desperately searching for the boy. Nothing disturbs the water. How? “I swear, he was right there. He waved to me.”

The elderly metal detectorist not a few metres away from us starts packing his stuff away in a fluster. “Ya girls best be getting back to ya hotel. Go on, now. Do not come back here, do ya hear? Try the north coast. Better waves, so they say.”

Sally scoffs. “Excuse me, why would we not come back here? We’re on holiday, Sir.”

“Just do as ya’r told,” he barks, and we both edge away from him.

“Let’s go,” I urge Sally, pulling her away.

She roots herself firmly in the sand. “I heard the locals don’t like the tourists a whole lot, but that’s just rude. Who does he think he is?” She turns back to the man. “We will go where we like, thanks all the same.”

The man growls in his throat, but offers a shrug. “Ah, do what ya like. Don’t say, Old Tom didn’t warn ya. Once ya have seen him, it’s a watery end for ya.”

“Seen who?” I ask, the hairs on my arms standing on end.

“The drowned boy is who.”

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EVO Ghost, EVO Nation: Book One, EVO Shift, Writing Exercises, Zombie Playlist

Week Four: Fictional Flashback February 2017


For the past month, I have been taking part in #FictFBFeb17 hosted by Faith Rivens. You can find Faith and this challenge on Twitter and Instagram~ @faith_therivens. 

#FictFBFeb17 has now come to an end. I would like to thank Faith for hosting such a brilliant exercise. This challenge allowed us to take an indepth look at our characters, and offer readers insight into their stories. Not only that, as a result of this challenge, I have new names to add to my ARC readers list, and have had readers message me to let me know that they downloaded my EVO Nation series thanks to my posts! What a brilliant result. Thank you to everyone who has shared and commented on my posts, and a big thank you to those who have asked for ARCs when Zombie Playlist is finished.

I chose to feature Teddie Leason from the EVO Nation series, and Dagger, the protagonist from a novella I am currently working on, Zombie Playlist. Each day was a different theme, and here are my posts from the last week.

Day 22: Flop

Day 23: Flinch

Day 24: Frozen

Day 25: Fifty


Day 26: Fulfil

Day 27: Future

Day 28: Finish

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Picture Prompts

Picture Prompts


Over on my Instagram account, I post fortnightly picture prompts that I have snapped because they inspire me in my writing. I invite you to have a pop at writing a sentence or paragraph to accompany it. You can find me on Instagram by following this link.

If you do not have an Instagram account, but would like to join in, you can post your sentence/ paragraph in the comments, and I will feature them in the next Picture Prompt post right here on my blog with links back to you.

Picture Prompt:


They pollute their lungs, litter their environment, and all for what…an addiction? They don’t realise how easy they make my job. Each cigarette stub they flick to the ground is teeming with their DNA. Once it is discarded in this way, I can legally take them. What I do next is not strictly legal, but my creations need life, and what sort of father would I be if I didn’t give my children what they need?

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Writing Exercises

10 Weeks, 10 Prompts, 10 Minutes #10 (Prompt Me Special)

The purpose of these writing exercises is to take a prompt a week for ten weeks and allow myself ten minutes to expand on it. All the prompts are taken from my writing prompt eBook: Prompt Me.

To check out my list of ten prompts, and maybe have a go yourself, follow this link.  Go with the flow, take the prompt literally, or just allow elements to inspire a totally different story. It is up to you. Link back to me, so I can have a read of your creations.

This is the last of these exercises. It has been a great experience, and I may or may not have some ideas for future use.

The Prompt:

What would you do if the news reporter on your television started talking directly to you?

For the second time in as many nights, the TV turns itself on. The blasting voices cause me to jump awake and fall from my bed in a tangle of limbs and blankets.  Tonight, however, Jenny is asleep on the camp bed, and I sprawl on top of her, as she, too, starts awake from the commotion.

“I thought you checked that it wasn’t on a timer,” she moans, burying her head in the pillows.

“I did. There is no reason for it to turn on. It’s faulty- stupid, hunk of shit.”

There’s a bang on the wall from the guy who lives nextdoor. “Okay! Okay!” I shout, crossing the room to the TV.

“Don’t turn me off, Beth,” says the news reporter on the screen. I jump away from the TV, scrambling backward into Jenny who now sits bolt upright in bed.

“What the–”

“You must listen to what I have to say.” The voice is robotic sounding, and not feminine like the woman reading the news. However, her mouth moves with the words.

“Is this some sort of joke?” Jenny asks. “This has to be a joke.”

“This is no joke,” the voice says. “Beth, you must get to the big hill in the next thirty minutes.”

Jenny grips my forearm. “It means Stargazey Hill. How can it know about Stargazey Hill?”

I scoff at her. “This is some sort of a joke. One of the guys perhaps?”

The news reporter stands and walks right up to the camera. “Listen to me! Get to the hill, Beth. You have thirty minutes or you sacrifice your home and your loved ones.”

I hold my hands up in surrender. “This is getting passed funny, now!” I shout to who ever is pulling this stupid stunt. “I’m pulling the plug.”

Again, Jenny grabs my arm. Her face is white and her mouth hangs open. I follow her line of sight and her finger pointing at the wall. The plug lies on the floor, yet the TV is working. The air leaves my lungs as I watch the woman on the screen. “We need you, Beth! Hurry!”

“I…I don’t understand.”

The image of the woman is replaced by the fuzzy footage of my Dad ushering injured and crying people into what looks like a dark cave. Jenny gasps, and I stagger backward, falling heavily on the bed.

“He is alive, Beth,” the voice says. “He needs your help. We all need your help.”

“Where is he?” I say, tears forming in my eyes.

“Your true home. I can take you there. You have twenty six minutes and counting.”

Throwing on my boots, I grab my coat and chuck Jenny’s jacket at her. “I’ll be there! I’ll be there!”


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