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Using Music to Help Set Tone (Author Toolbox Blog Hop)

Are you someone who needs silence to write, or are you like me and need a little ambience to break up the quiet? I firmly believe that listening to different styles of music helps me set the tone of a chapter, sometimes, the whole story.

There is a chapter in the third Book of my EVO Nation trilogy, EVO Ghost, that reiterates this for me. I listened to one song on repeat whilst I wrote the entire chapter. I think I drove my husband crazy, but the music stirred a tone/feeling in me that I wanted to capture in the chapter, and I am proud to say I think I accomplished it.

Certain scientific research shows that music is rooted more deeply in our primitive brain in regards to emotions etc than language. So, when I say music creates a feeling, that feeling runs deeper than the words to describe it. The fun part is translating that tone/ feeling into your work.

You can find more on how music affects the brain in this article on Music and How It Impacts the Brain

Why not create a playlist for when you are writing? You can listen to it before or during your writing process and see how it affects your tone and style.

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EVO Ghost: My Go-To Tracks


EVO Ghost is due for release on March 1st! Whoop! ARC reviews are rolling in and I’m loving the positive response to Teddie’s finale. I thought I’d take the time to share some of my go-to tracks during the writing and editing of EVO Ghost. The following tracks are the three that stand out for me, and I will forever associate them with Teddie’s finale.

A friend sent me a link to this song with the message ‘This song is TEAM TEDDIE!!!!’ When I listened, I was hooked. It totally has the EVO Nation vibe.

Teddie struggles with her role in the rebellion. Writing that conflict within her wasn’t easy. There were other characters that tried to protect her to the point of smothering. I think about 40% of the book was written whilst listening to Rise by Katy Perry.

I wrote and edited the last few chapters with this song on repeat. I literally listened to nothing else. There was something about this track that inspired me to think of the character’s futures together. It certainly has a conclusion feel to it.


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