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Word of the Year 2019

I am such a cotton headed ninny muggins sometimes. I was perusing everyone’s word of the year social media posts etc, and someone happened to ask if I had a word of the year because they hadn’t seen it in my posts.

That got me thinking about what post I mentioned my word of the year in. I went back through my end of 2018 posts and my 2019 plans posts, and… I didn’t mention it anywhere. I was sure I had included it, but alas, I had not.

So, it may be a little later than I had planned, but I have been consciously working with my word in mind throughout January. I still want to share it with you despite it being nearly February.

My word of the year is…

I chose this word because it focusses my 2019 goals in my mind. I want to build on my blog, my followers, my review team, my Amazon reviews… I simply want to market, grow, and publish books like a boss!

In my personal life I want to build more memories with my husband and kids. This year, we have plans to have mini, weekend breaks within Cornwall (and hopefully beyond). Going abroad is not an option for us this year, but we live somewhere beautiful and plan to make the most of it with family days, holidays, and adventures.

My son is 9 months old, so we want my daughter to have new, family memories with her sibling, and enjoy 2019 as a four.

Do you have a word of the year? Let me know. I love to hear them and the reasoning behind them.

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