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Getting Back to Pen and Paper


When I first started properly writing, 12 *cough* years ago, I always used pen and paper. We had a PC in our family home, and I had access to computers through college, but at home I was vying for PC time with other family members, and at college I was cramming revision and writing essays. Pen and paper was easiest.

When I moved out at 20 with my boyfriend, now hubby, and my bestie, Charlotte, I didn’t have a PC. I would use Charlotte’s when she wasn’t using it, but again- pen and paper was easiest.

Then, laptops came into the equation. As soon as I had one warming my lap, typing took over. I would write notes, but I rarely drafted on anything other than a laptop. That remained true until very recently.


I was suffering from a headache that only got worse from staring at a screen. I had a wave of motivation, so I couldn’t not write. I grabbed a pen and paper and knuckled down. Wow, I forgot how liberating it was to actually write words- physically write words in my handwriting. Weird, right? No, I think there is a creative link between thinking and physically writing. It is the reason why I write my notes by hand, and now the reason why I plan to draft a part of EVO Ghost by hand. I’m still a typing advocate, but when stuck, it’s pen and paper for me, and I am definitely in a rut.

Do you draft all, part, or none of your WIP on paper? Are you an avid note taker? I welcome all comments.

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