Sharing Sundays

Sharing Sundays

I have something fun to share with you today… #storycrafter on Twitter. It is run by Faye Kirwin (@writerology) and takes place every Sunday at 8pm GMT.

What is #storycrafter? It is a weekly, cyber get-together of writers. My favourite weeks are the roleplay chats where you answer all questions as one of your characters. It is a great way to get inside their heads.

Why not check it out tonight?

Do you have/know of any blogs, vlogs, or social media pages you think I’d be interested in? Let me know.

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Week Three: Fictional Flashback February 2017


This month, I am taking part in #FictFBFeb17 hosted by Faith Rivens. You can find Faith and this challenge on Twitter and Instagram~ @faith_therivens.

This challenge allows us to take an indepth look at our characters, and offers readers insight into their stories. I have chosen to feature Teddie Leason from the EVO Nation series, and Dagger, the protagonist from a novella I am currently working on, Zombie Playlist. Each day is a different theme, so for the next month, keep your eyes peeled for my contributions.

I shall do a weekly summary of my posts on my blog, so if you miss my Twitter/ Insta posts, you can always find them here.

Day 15: Familiar

Day 16: Forward

Day 17: Feel

Day 18: Fringe

Day 19: Fling

Day 20: Fever

Day 21: Follow

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Web Presence: What I Know Now

I thought I’d do a ‘what I have learnt’ post. I dislike posts that dictate what is right and wrong because, in my opinion, there is only what works for you. This post is purely based on my experience.

I should have started building my web presence before self-publishing my debut eBook.

giphy (41)I never had a Twitter account, Facebook author page, or blog. It was after researching self-publishing that I decided social media was a wise idea. When it came to Twitter, I felt prehistoric. I had to ask Mr.O what ‘RT’ meant. Yep, prehistoric.

Now, I am happy to admit, I’m a Twitter aficionado. I quickly picked up the lingo and how to use a hashtag, and I’m loving the Twitter community I am now a part of. If I had joined Twitter before my eBook launch, I would have had a wider audience to market it to straight off the bat.

The same goes for my blog. Why I didn’t start sooner is beyond me. I love the blogging community and sharing my musings, excerpts, and any EVO Nation/ EVO Shift gossip. A blog is another great way to gain a target audience. It would have definitely been a help to have had my blog as a platform for EVO Nation’s release.

There is one downfall to all this web presence, and social media to keep up with… I can waste hours on it and not get any writing done. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

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How Not to Use Twitter: A Guide For Annoying Authors

I was going to call this a Friday fun post, but I opted against it, seeing as I’m deadly serious on all points… It is a little funny I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Twitter fan. As an author, I use Twitter to build up my web presence and promote my eBook. That being said, I don’t inundate my followers with incessant posts about buying my eBook. I recently unfollowed a fellow author after I counted twenty four ‘buy my book’ posts in as many hours- that averages out at one an hour! It’s unnecessary and irritating. Add a little something more to your tweets; try to appear human at the least.

My pet peeves:

  • Automatic DM’s- You know the kind. You click on the follow button, and within minutes you receive a DM begging you to download their book. If you send me a DM like this I’m 100% more likely to never read your book for as long as I live.
  • Tweet a thank you every time you get a follower- It is probably written somewhere in the golden book of Twitter etiquette, but it’s annoying as hell. Don’t worry, I won’t unfollow you because you haven’t personally thanked me in my own tweet. In fact, I will like you that little bit more for not bothering.
  • Tweet about nothing other than your book- Are you a person or a robot? Show me you are human and perhaps offer a side helping of humour. You can even keep your page solely about writing (not just about your book), but writing tips, advice, and blog posts can build your presence in a positive, less annoying way.
  • Set up an account for your book- I’ve never read it, I probably never will, so I will not be interested in your books twitter page. I won’t follow it either. Stick with a Facebook book page and be done with it.

Rant over. Take me with a pinch of salt, but I can’t be the only one who gets highly irritated at the littlest things!