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Novel Aesthetics Boards


What are novel aesthetics?

Novel aesthetics are visual images that inspire and/or sum up your narrative.

There are many ways to create a novel aesthetics board: keeping a file on your PC or laptop, using Pinterest (I highly recommend), or the good, old fashioned way of using a notice board and pins. Think of it as a mood board for your novel.

You can find my EVO Nation series, novel aesthetics boards here (I do use the boards as a way to highlight important quotes from the books too):

Why make a novel aesthetics board?

If like me, you like visual inspiration, or just like to see your characters in person. A novel aesthetics board can be beneficial. I look at my boards and instantly understand why I saved the images I did. Sometimes, it’s not a specific reason ie that model resembles my character, but a feeling I get from the image.

If you use the internet to compile your aesthetics board, it is easy to share via social media. This is a fab idea for authors who have a fan base. You can make novel aesthetics boards for published books, and books you are currently working on; great teasers for what is to come in the narrative.You can pick as few or as many pictures as you like to sum up your novel in a quick glance.

Why I use Pinterest for my boards?

That’s simple. Type any description into the Pinterest search bar and there is bound to be a related image appear. Pinterest make it easy to compile all related images into one ‘board’. You can make these boards private or public, and can continue to add/ edit/ or delete your board.

Here are some novel aesthetics I have started to compile for my current WIP, Thrown to The Blue:

As you can see, visual images can really bring your vision to life. Do you have a novel aesthetics board? Do you work better with the images in your head? Do you have a unique way of storing your inspirational images?

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