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#AMWRITING Instagram Promos

I am fully embracing Instagram of late. It is a great way to share promos of published works and current WIPs. I wasn’t a committed Instagrammer before, but that has quickly changed. If you’re not on Instagram- why not? It is worth having another social media platform at your disposal.

Here are my latest #amwriting promos that I have been uploading over the last week. They are snippets of my current WIP, EVO Ghost:


If you’re already on Instagram, or looking to join, give me a shout when you are over there. I’m happy to return the follow! KJ Chapman on Instagram.

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100% K.J Chapman, EVO Nation: Book One, Writing and Me

Promo Quotes

It has happened! I’m on the promo quotes band wagon. Not only are they a practical, visual way to promote EVO Nation on social media, they also highlight some of the more poignant quotes from my book.

Keep your eyes peeled for my promo visuals and many more to come on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

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All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman