Sharing Sundays

Sharing Sundays

All writers need a notebook or two, right? That’s exactly why I thought I’d go a little different with this post and share an Etsy seller who makes beautiful notebooks.

Portland Leather make the most gorgeous, personalised leather notebooks. Whether you want to treat yourself or another, go check them out.

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Picture sourced from Portland Leather Etsy

Sharing Sundays

Sharing Sundays


It’s that time of the week again… my Sharing Sundays post is live!

This week, I’m sending you in the direction of a book review blog, HJ Book Blog.


If you’re looking to follow an honest book reviewer who reviews consistently, then definitely follow this blog, guys.

If you head over to HJ Book Blog, let her know that I sent you.

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Tip Share


tip share

I have been sorting through this blog and realised that I’ve only done 4 tip share posts since the very beginning. Then, I had a brainwave- not only would I start up the tip share posts again, I will ask readers/ fellow writers if they have any tips they are happy to share.

If you would like to share a writing tip, you can comment below, or DM me on Twitter @KJ86CHAPMAN. I will schedule it in, and tag back to your blog or Twitter account.

I shall kick off the proceedings with ‘Tip Share #5’.

Antagonists are people too. Make sure they have history, motivation, and believe that they are the stars of their own story. We don’t have to agree with their motivations, just understand them.

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