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img_5811.pngBig thanks to Al over at Hyperactive Pandemonium for tagging me in this unique tag. It’s great to know that I’m one of the first to get in on this new tag. Head on over and check out Al’s page for musings, haikus, book reviews, and much more.


The tag is straight forward: share ten of my own suggestions:

The person I suggest you follow on Twitter is:

Al Nobody.

Yep, the main tag man himself. Al shares all sorts on Twitter, especially haikus, motivational tweets, and anything writerly. Oh, and he has a cat called Ruby!

The person I suggest you follow on Instagram is:

Sarina Langer.

If you want your fair share of bookish, writerly, cat related pictures, this is the person to follow.

The book review blog I suggest you follow is:

Dream by Day Book Reviews.  

I would also suggest following this blog on Instagram for some of the prettiest bookish photos.

The indie author I suggest you check out is:

Brianna West.

Brianna is the author of the Promiscus Guardians Series, and the Guardian’s in Love Series. Her paranormal romance books are highly praised, and she has just been nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards run by Metamorph Publishing.

The book I read in 2016 that I suggest you read is:

The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R.Carey.


The graphic novel I read in 2016 that I suggest you read is:

White Sand by Brandon Sanderson.


The series I watched in 2016 that I suggest you watch is:

Stranger Things (An Original Netflix Series)

The film I watched in 2016 that I suggest you watch is:


The music artist I discovered in 2016 that I suggest you listen to is:


The science fiction and urban fantasy books I suggest you check out are:

My OWN! Yep, a bit of shameless self promotion in this tag, but why not, eh?

EVO Nation.

EVO Shift.

Who knows, if you’re interested in this series, drop me a message, and a free copy may come your way… *Just a suggestion* Hehe.

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My EVO Ghost Hiatus

If you saw my post about the idea bomb I had, then you will know I concentrated my writing efforts on that new idea and set EVO Ghost aside. I wrote 12k in four days on the new project- 12k that could have been put into EVO Ghost.

I thought I’d feel guilty for not concentratng my efforts on my current WIP, but it was actually very liberating. Focussing on new characters, introducing myself to them, and creating a new world was refreshing. After all, I have been writing Teddie’s story, and the story of EVO, for the past 2 years. I deserved a break away from them.


Someone asked me if I was getting bored of them because I was throwing myself into the new project. My answer- NO! I love my characters and my narrative. If I found it boring I’d take it as a huge sign that my whole manuscript was boring. Things won’t go well if the author is yawning, right?

But now I’m back at it! All of a sudden, I had the biggest urge to go back and finish Teddie’s story. It has only been four days, but I feel like we’ve had a breather and can get back to it. I’m raring to go, and at least I have 12k of words to play with on the other project when the time feels right.

Have any of you taken time away from a series? Did you find it beneficial? I’d love to know.

Writing and Me

That Nagging Second Series

I know I’m not the only writer to have a nagging second series gnawing away at the back of my mind. If my experience is anything to go by, you may have more than one.

Are you a writer who acts on these nagging stories and starts to work on it alongside your current work in progress, or do you leave it, think logically, and complete your current work in progress before tackling another project?

I’m the former. If an idea for another series forms in my brain it is there to stay, screaming at me to give it even just a little attention.

Me: ‘But I have to concentrate on finishing this project first.’

Idea: ‘Stop making excuses and get on it woman. You can do both, I have faith in you.’

*Starts jotting notes for the new series*

Me: ‘Wow, balancing two projects is pretty hard going…’

Idea: giphy (16)

Yet, I still continue to do it. What can I say? I like to make life hard for myself, and I love a new idea as much as the next writer.

This is my current problem at the moment because if I get in a rut writing EVO Shift I use my new idea as a distraction. In some ways, it gives me a break to recharge and go back to EVO Shift with a fresh perspective. In most ways, it’s a way to bury my head in the sand.

I doubt I’ll ever change, seeing as the lure of an exciting idea is my life force and I’m addicted to that high. Are you a multi-tasking writer? And more importantly, do you do it well?