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Review: Self Edit Your Way to Awesome by K.L. Tolman


Self Edit Your Way to Awesome by K.L. Tolman 3.5/5

S6tag_280517-070607elf-edit your way to awesome for writers of all kinds!

Do you want to improve your writing? Master the art of self-editing? Publish your book?
Maybe you want more reviews which leads to better sales?

Learn how to improve and edit your writing in this short guide to self editing for indie authors.


I saw this book on an Amazon free promotion, and thought, ‘why not?’ As an indie author, I’m always open to tips and techniques on anything writing related. Okay, so the first thing that concerned me was that the author lists the reasons why we should listen to their advice, and not one of those reasons is because they are a qualified/ certified editor. Yes, they are a blogger, indie author, and reader, but the lack of editing qualifications made me approach the rest of the book with trepidation, just like any advice book by an unqualified advisor would. That being said, I know authors who edit their own and other people’s work to a professional level and have never been formally educated in the art, so I ploughed on with the read. Qualifications aren’t everything, right? Experience is key.

I appreciate the information on hiring a professional editor. This book is not religious in it’s self-editing belief in all authors, and provides alternative options for those who may not be confident in their editing abilities. There is also useful information regarding the importance of beta readers.

This book may be of benefit to new, indie authors looking to publish their debut work. The author outlines the fundamentals of self editing in a humourous, honest way, using their own self editing experiences as a base.

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