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EVO Shift Editing Update #4

giphynervesThe advanced reader copies have been sent to their patient recipients. Thank you to those of you who are reading and reviewing EVO Shift as I type this. That sentence strikes fear into the heart of me… please like my baby. It really has been a labour of love.

Stage #3 went as well as could be hoped for. My proof-reader delivered her amendment recommendations and I have straightened everything out. No doubt some have seeped through the cracks, but hey ho, I’m ready to go!

Now, I am cracking on with stage #4- formatting. This is important because self-published ebooks need certain formatting specs, so they translate to all devices properly. I like hyperlinked chapters when reading ebooks, so I shall be spending tonight doing exactly that.

This is the final excerpt that I will share with you before the release of EVO Shift:

One hour turns to two and Bo hasn’t spoken a word for the entire journey. I fidget in my seat, much to Cooper’s annoyance. We lost sight of Leoni and Kesh’s van about an hour ago. Clearly their driver isn’t such a wet blanket as ours. Jesus, just being in the presence of these people makes me mean. I’m sure it’s an illness. Or there is the alternative- this shit is rubbing off on me.

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EVO Shift, Writing and Me

EVO Shift Editing Update #1

My draft of EVO Shift has been sitting untouched for the past eight days and I couldn’t refrain from editing any longer. It has been hard to leave it and I had to distract myself with the usual means- Netflix, Pinterest, and reading. I know some writers like to leave their first drafts to sit for much longer, but it has been seven months in the making for me, so I have pretty much not seen the first chapters in just as long.

So, how do I start my editing process? 

Highlighting! I don’t print out my work. All editing happens on screen, and I have quite ritualistic methods for the beginning of my editing process. I re-read my entire draft, marking anything to keep in one colour, and anything I don’t like for whatever reason in another colour.


During this read through I will jot notes about anything that jars with me, that I need to add, find figures or facts on etc etc. These notes take up pages and pages. When I draft I don’t worry about time scales and statistics, and instead I will do a ‘__’ , so I know I need to research it at a later date during editing. I’m a forward plowing drafter which I think stems from being a ‘pantser’ and not a plotter.

Here are my notes so far (there will be many more!):


When I have read through the entire draft, I will make the necessary amendments. I find it easier to work methodically through my list and check off everything as I sort it. For me, that is stage one of my editing process.

I will post again once I have finished the above mentioned. Until then, here is an excerpt that I had forgotten about, but still very much like:

“What is Cooper’s problem?” I ask under my breath. “I don’t have him down as the equality, peace, and harmony type of guy.”

Jude smirks. “But you can see it of me?” He’s got me there. “Cooper’s alright. Yeah, he has some anger issues, but it all stems from Daddy issues. I like him.”

I laugh out loud. “You like him? I’ve been half expecting you to kill each other since we got on that yacht.”

“What is it with women? You can’t appreciate a decent argument for what it is. You’ve always got to turn it into a drama. Men say what they got to, scuffle it out if they have to, and get over it.”

How can I even respond to that sexist nonsense?


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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #7

It has been another productive writing week for me this week. I’m a little surprised as we have had a busy week: Our nieces birthday party, school meetings, visiting family, and Mr.O’s birthday. Stealing writing time here and there throughout the day has proved fruitful.

Last week, I forgot to keep count of my word count each day, and instead, totalled up my weekly count. This week, I have purposely not kept track. It may be purely psychological, but not knowing my word count each day is less stressful and demotivating for me, and I enjoy the surprise at the end of the week. If it works it works, right?

My grand total for this week is : 7344 Words

Excerpt from this weeks work in progress:

Grayson keeps eye contact, his soft expression bringing tears to my eyes. He’s going to tell me something I don’t want to hear. “I’m sorry, Teddie, but we can only locate your friends if they show up at one of the fight houses. As it is, they appear to be in government custody.”

“Jude said something about detention centres. Do you have any idea where they are?”

“We have the location of one detention centre, but the information is pointless without the numbers to take on such a facility. They have near on impenetrable security systems in place. Jude said you are familiar with TORO, yes?”

All excerpts are the works of KJ.Chapman

Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #6

I was right! Now my daughter is in full-time school, I have annihilated my word count goal of 400 words per day/ 2800 per week. Yep, I’m totally blowing my own trumpet, but I don’t care.

I forgot to keep track of my word count each day, so I can only offer an overall weekly word count, but I’m proud to do so:

9036 Words… BOOM!

My most productive writing week in god knows how many months has left me on a high. Last week was overshadowed by self-doubt, but this week I’m walking around like ‘Billy Big Balls’… or the female equivalent.

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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #5

This week has been my most productive in weeks, months even. My little one started big school on Monday- eeeekkk, and although it was only for the mornings, I managed to smash my word count target of 400 words per day. She will be in full-time next week, so I’m hoping my motivation will continue.

  • Monday- 815 words
  • Tuesday- 1245 words
  • Wednesday- 1003 words
  • Thursday- 508 words
  • Friday- 996 words
  • Saturday- 480 words
  • Sunday- 642 words

Excerpt from my writing this week:

He pats my back and walks away. I get that he doesn’t want to talk about it and I respect that. It’s best to leave him to pour himself a drink and drown his sorrows until he can face them. I know from witnessing my Mum, Shana, that alcohol is never the answer, but who am I to tell anyone how to grieve? I’m not even sure I know how.

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

Book one in the EVO Nation Series: EVO Nation

Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #4

It has been a strange week. I’ve scraped by on my word counts for the first part of the week, fell five words short on Thursday, wrote with a rocket up my backside on Friday, and then dropped back down to the bare minimum again over the weekend.

  • Monday- 427 words
  • Tuesday- 417 words
  • Wednesday- 438 words
  • Thursday- 395 words
  • Friday- 1610 words
  • Saturday- 442 words
  • Sunday- 471 words

My little one is back to school tomorrow, so I expect to see a dramatic increase in my word counts. Only time will tell if I manage to do more than procrastinate next week.

Excerpt from this weeks writing:

I hold out my hand, stopping the darts mid-flight. He hesitates for a moment, staring at the fallen darts littering the grass. He’s hunting EVO, but I doubt he’s seen one of us use our abilities. I doubt he knows much about any of us. I guess it’s easier for them not to know. He’s just following his orders like a trained dog; not asking questions, not understanding the truth.

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #3

I’m happy with my progress this week. I’ve hit my target of 400 words per day unlike last week. As you can tell, mid-week was busy for me, so my word count dropped, but I’ve picked up once again. Just one more week of the summer holidays and I will have a little more time to spend on my writing.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this week.  My narrative is at a crucial cross-roads and it’s a lot of fun to see which route my characters are choosing. Only time will tell, but I have a good feeling.

  • Monday- 2220 words
  • Tuesday- 501 words
  • Wednesday- 448 words
  • Thursday- 428 words
  • Friday- 540 words
  • Saturday- 751 words
  • Sunday- 614 words

Excerpt from my work in progress:

“Who, Silvain? Who needs what? Stop being so damn cryptic. Tell me now or I’ll read you- everything you’ve ever thought, every embarrassing moment.” I sound so cruel, so heartless, but I’m on my last nerve. Adam is probably doing his nut back at the surgery.

“My wife, Vera. She needs to meet you, to know you are as real as the sunrise. She is EVO with an ability for precognition, but has lost her grasp on reality, and had to be institutionalised seven years ago. The future speaks to her, but I think it got too loud. My poor Vera. Imagine it, Teddie. Imagine knowing what lies ahead; the good, the bad, and the ugly. She knows it all, but cannot change it.”

Book One: EVO Nation

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman