Blogmas Day 22

Leftover Turkey Recipes

I know this post is technically for after Christmas, but it’s not too early to start thinking about leftover turkey. There’s no need to waste a scrap if you forward plan.

Here are 5 recipe links to use up leftover turkey:

Fiesta Turkey Soup has a scrummy soup recipe. If you want a little spice on Boxing Day, this recipe is for you.

Turkey Carnitas has a recipe to transform your turkey into juicy, crispy shreds that are similar to carnitas.

Turkey Quesadillas has probably my favourite recipe in this list. Quesadillas would make a perfect Boxing Day dinner in my opinion.

Turkey Stock

Even the carcass doesn’t have to go to waste with’s recipe for making yummy stock to use in various recipes.

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Do you have guests on Boxing day? Have a big pot of’s turkey chili on the go to feed many on a budget.

I hope something tickles your fancy. These recipes are just a few I have picked out. The list is endless. Let’s vow not to waste food this Christmastime.

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Blogmas 13

Free Christmas Cookbooks

I downloaded 5 free, Christmas cookbooks from Amazon last month. I have read through them all and will give you my honest review. I am an amateur in regards to all things cooking, so I will base my reviews on the quality of the instructions and simplicity etc. I will include links for you to get your copies if you wish.

Holiday Cooking Made Easy by Les Ilagan

My Review:

I give this book 4/5. This cookbook is crammed full of recipes, some new to me, and some that are twists on old classics. A lot of effort has gone into compiling this, and the recipes are laid out well.

Christmas Recipes by Cheryl Leonard

My Review:

I give this book 3/5. This is not quite my cup of tea, but thats not to say it won’t be yours. Some recipes require expense such as crab meat.

There are no pictures in this book, so I can’t visualise the meals, but it is laid out well, and a vast array of dips, sauces, butters, and spreads are included.

Christmas Drink Recipes by Kelly Michaels

My Review:

I give this book 3/5. I never knew there were so many Christmas drinks! The various hot chocolate recipes are right up my street, but as I’m not a fan of coffee or peppermint, that rules out quite a few.

There are no pictures in this book either, but the recipes are simple and concise.

Favourite Christmas Cookies by Various Authors

My Review:

I give this book 3/5. This book is based on the favourite recipes of the characters in the authors book- Ten Christmas Brides. It’s a cute idea.

There is an introduction to the recipe in regards to the characters which was unique, but the recipes themselves didnt excite me. I wouldnt say they were all that Christmassy either.

Easy Recipes for Christmas Cooking by Various Authors

My Review:

I rate this book 4/5. This book is crammed with content. There are pictures with each recipe and the recipes are Christmassy.

There’s even a planner, so you get the timings of all aspects of your Christmas dinner spot on.

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