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Picture This: Episode 5

I can’t believe we are already at the halfway point of this series. Thanks for sticking with me for this long, and I hope you are enjoying this series so far.

The Prompt:

My Interpretation:

“So, how are you?” Sabre asks, the look of concern creasing a line in her brow.

I shrug.

“The dreams are back, right? Otherwise, why would you call me to meet at two in the A.M.”

I stir my coffee with one of those wooden sticks, purposefully avoiding her stare. “They feel so real, like I am only half asleep, and it really feels like there is someone in my apartment… my room.”

Sabre places a hand on mine. “Dreams usually mean something different than what they seem. I think stressing over work isn’t helping. You need to let them know why you are always tired.”

“And let them think I’m on the verge of a breakdown? No way. I fought tooth and nail for that job.” I lean back from my coffee in frustration. “I actually called you because I knew you’d be up and I need distracting.”

Sabre gives an enthusiastic nod of the head. “You’re right. Let’s change the subject.” She clocks my phone on the table. “Did you get any good pics of the Christmas party? All mine are crap.”

I hand over my phone and wait patiently as she scrolls through the camera roll. Eventually, she pauses, clearly scrutinising one of the pictures. She is probably about to scolf me for taking an unflattering one of her.

“Did Freya crash at your place that night?” she asks.

“No, why?”

She zooms in on something and throws the phone across the table at me with a gasp. “Oh, my God!”

I pick up the phone and see a picture of myself sleeping in the bed. It feels as if a clamp has tightened on my chest. “How? Who could ..?”

Sabre taps the screen with shaking hands. “Zoom in on the mirror behind the bed.”

I do what she says with my heart in my throat. The reflection is of a man in a hooded coat holding my phone up in front of his face as he takes the picture. The same man I see in my so called dreams.”

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Prompt Me: Writing Prompts eBook

Prompt Me

You may already know quite a lot about my writing prompt book, Prompt Me, if you followed by first blog series of 2019, but for my new followers, I wanted to quickly recap what the book is and where you can get it.

Prompt Me is a book jam packed with 150 writing prompts. There are three main categories: narrative prompts, dialogue prompts, and What would you do if…? prompts.

I love me a good writing prompt, so this book was a natural progression for me. I kept this book under my belt whilst I was writing it for a little bit, because in truth, I wanted to see if it would be any good. A writing prompt book was new territory to me.

As Prompt Me was at a reduced price for 10 whole weeks whilst the series was running, I’m afraid there are no offers on this week. However, you can get your copy from Amazon.

Praise for Prompt Me

A great selection of prompts nicely separated into 3 distinct categories. Really helped spark some new ideas. Definitely recommend it. ~Amazon reviewer

Prompt Me is a brilliant resource for anyone who needs to get those creative juices flowing.~ Amazon reviewer

It has to be one of the best prompt books I’ve come across for me personally.’ ~Amazon reviewer

This is the last book promo post for a while. My character interviews posts start next Wednesday. I hope you pop in to see what’s in store.

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Prompt Me Series

First Blog Series of 2019: What’s It All About?

Did you know that I have published a writing prompt ebook? Prompt Me was published in 2016. You can get a copy for just 99p from Amazon for the 10 weeks that this blog series is running. This series will start on January 2nd.

So, what is this blog series? This series is all about Prompt Me. Each week, I shall choose one of the one hundred and fifty prompts and expand on it.

I invite you to join in with this series on your blog/ social media each week, and I would love to feature a snippet of your interpretations on Writerly Bookish Stuff with links to send my readers your way.

However, If you just want to stop by and read my prompt interpretation that’s awesome too.

I hope you pop in on January 2nd, and don’t forget to grab your copy of Prompt Me at the discounted price.

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Week Four: Fictional Flashback February 2017


For the past month, I have been taking part in #FictFBFeb17 hosted by Faith Rivens. You can find Faith and this challenge on Twitter and Instagram~ @faith_therivens. 

#FictFBFeb17 has now come to an end. I would like to thank Faith for hosting such a brilliant exercise. This challenge allowed us to take an indepth look at our characters, and offer readers insight into their stories. Not only that, as a result of this challenge, I have new names to add to my ARC readers list, and have had readers message me to let me know that they downloaded my EVO Nation series thanks to my posts! What a brilliant result. Thank you to everyone who has shared and commented on my posts, and a big thank you to those who have asked for ARCs when Zombie Playlist is finished.

I chose to feature Teddie Leason from the EVO Nation series, and Dagger, the protagonist from a novella I am currently working on, Zombie Playlist. Each day was a different theme, and here are my posts from the last week.

Day 22: Flop

Day 23: Flinch

Day 24: Frozen

Day 25: Fifty


Day 26: Fulfil

Day 27: Future

Day 28: Finish

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Picture Prompts

Picture Prompts


Over on my Instagram account, I post fortnightly picture prompts that I have snapped because they inspire me in my writing. I invite you to have a pop at writing a sentence or paragraph to accompany it. You can find me on Instagram by following this link.

If you do not have an Instagram account, but would like to join in, you can post your sentence/ paragraph in the comments, and I will feature them in the next Picture Prompt post right here on my blog with links back to you.

Picture Prompt:


They pollute their lungs, litter their environment, and all for what…an addiction? They don’t realise how easy they make my job. Each cigarette stub they flick to the ground is teeming with their DNA. Once it is discarded in this way, I can legally take them. What I do next is not strictly legal, but my creations need life, and what sort of father would I be if I didn’t give my children what they need?

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Prompt Me Teasers!

I have been getting creative with some new promotional banners and images for my eBooks. This post is a teaser post for my writing prompts eBook:

Prompt Me: 150 Writing Prompts for Beating the Block

Prompt Me(1)

Buy your copy: here.

Here are some of the teasers I have shared on  various social media platforms:

The moon is an engineered structure built for the purposes of observation. Someone or something has been watching us.The first poison rain fell in 3035. Now, it’s a daily occurrence. The earth wants us dead.“What did I do so wrong as a mother to deserve a son as despicable as you_”“You married my father.”What would you do if... scientists discovered the origin of love and offered a cure for it_

I’m a huge fan of writing prompts and writing exercises, and some of the exercises featured on this blog are included in the book. Why not set yourself a challenge- 150 writing exercises using the prompts from my book? That is 150 blog posts… just saying.

Writing Exercises

What’s Your Name? Letter L

Today’s ‘L’ name randomly selected from the first ‘L’ page of my naming book is:

Lacey: A surname meaning ‘from Lassy in the Calvados region of Normany’. Used as a masculine or feminine first name (Old French).


Owen stood on the balcony, staring down at the dark patch that stained the concrete below- blood.  The police tape had been left in place, but he paid it no heed. They had rang him in the early hours of that morning to tell him that Lacey had jumped to her death whilst holidaying with friends. Not suspicious- a suicide- a troubled drug addict. He flew to Spain on the next available flight, needing to see for himself, to play detective if need be.

Just the thought of Lacey balanced on the thin railings, contemplating ending her own life, was a hard pill to swallow. He tucked his hands back into his pockets to avoid touching anything. Disturbing a crime scene was the last thing he wanted to do. It was undoubtedly a crime scene. He knew it as soon as he arrived. Lacey would never have committed suicide; knowing what it would have done to Owen would have stopped her. He was sure of that much.

Ryan placed a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, mate. It’s no good for you to be here. It’s not helping-“

He rang his best friend as soon as he got the call. Ryan was at his house in mere minutes with a holdall and booked flights. They had known each other since childhood. Ryan knew Lacey as well as anybody.

“Don’t touch anything. This is a murder scene.”

“If she was in trouble she’d have called you? Did you check your voicemails? What about your email? ” asked Ryan.

Ryan’s reluctance to accept another scenario irritated the crap out of Owen. Why would he even come if he thought it just a suicide?

“Of course I checked them,” Owen snapped.

Ryan held his hands up in submission. “Sorry, silly questions.”

Owen’s eyes found Lacey’s keys instantly. His heart missed a beat as he crossed the room, and his hands shook as he picked up the ornamental keyring. “Not silly,” he whispered. “She would have let me know.”

The miniature Russian doll felt cool against his sweating palms. “We’d write messages to each other as kids and tuck them inside this.” He showed Ryan the keyring. “I didn’t know she still had it.”

He unscrewed the top and retrieved a small, rolled up piece of paper. Ryan was at his side in a split second. They both caught their breath as Owen unravelled the note.

The black scrawl spelt out three words: ‘Don’t trust Ryan.’

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Do you like writing prompts? Check out K.J.Chapman’s Prompt Me eBook, and discover 150 writing prompts for beating the block!