Update: CampNaNoWriMo Week Three

campnanowrimo 2018begins...(1)Meh. That’s the word I’d use for my writing motivation this week. I’m not going to be too hard on myself, though. My body is getting ready to birth a human, so that comes first. However, I have managed to write 2455 words. I was hoping to break the 10k milestone this week, but it wasn’t to be. My current word count stands at 8681 of 15k.

I’m not sure how the next week is going to pan out for me. I’m not putting myself under pressure to be a CampNaNo winner. A few more words here and there would be great. If I could hit that 10k mark, then I’ll be happy. That’s 10k more than I had to work with on April 1st.


   There’s nothing more I can ask of him. A lot is at play here that I don’t know about, and there are secrets covering up secrets. I have to trust Topher when it comes to the Pyazamite. He is in the know whereas Marco isn’t. All we can do is hope that Marco doesn’t get himself killed passing on worthless information.

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WIP Update #2

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Hello! This update feels a long time coming. I haven’t posted much other than reviews, interviews, and promos on my blog of late, so I need to get back in the swing of it.


Word Counts:

Since my last update, I have only managed a further 3.5k words on the EVO Ghost draft. I have, however, written 12k on a new idea. I took a short hiatus from EVO Ghost to have a little break from the EVO world and embark on a new journey. I’m pretty sure I will continue with the new idea at a later date, and I am thinking it might make an interesting novella. I haven’t written anything on EVO Ghost for the past fortnight due to various priorities, but I plan to end the dry stint tonight with some writing sprints.

Book Review Requests:

Another reason for my low word count is the time I have spent requesting book reviews. Researching, emailing requests, and then responding to acceptances has taken up a LOT of time. It’s all part of the fun of indie publishing, right? I was pleasantly surprised with the response I have had, and I’m keeping everything crossed that the reviewers like both EVO Nation and EVO Shift.

ARC Reading:

Yep, I’m reading two ARCs at the moment. I’m fully engrossed in both, and this is not a positive in regards to my WIP, however, it is reading bliss. I’d like to read and review both within two to three weeks, so I’m not looking to let up anytime soon. Oh yeah, I’m also reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Well of Ascension: Mistborn #2. I think I might have to shower, eat, sleep, and read at the same time to get through them all.


Needless to say, opting out of CampNaNo was a wise move for me, but I hope to join in during November. I’m enjoying reading the blogs of those who are participating, and can’t wait to have a crack at it myself. Who knows, I may be starting my new series at the end of the year…

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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #13

It has been a strange, old week as far as my writing goes. I was writing less than one hundred words a day because something wasn’t sitting right with my narrative. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was holding me back, niggling at the back on mind.

I took a breather, got on with some of my writing exercises, and went back to the trusted pen and paper to jot down my narrative so far. As I was doing this something unbelievably obvious screamed out to me. One of my characters, who I had high hopes for, wasn’t pulling their weight, so I erased them; brutal, but effective. They were easy to erase from the narrative which says it all about their non-existent input into the story.

After this, I felt cleansed and sat down to write again… yet… something still wasn’t right.

Another day passed with no more than one hundred and fifty words written.  I was frustrated with myself and my characters, so like all good writers do, I decided to waste some time on Twitter.

It was when I was perusing the weird and wonderfulness of social media that I had a brainwave. It was one of those ‘grab the pen and don’t voice your excitement out loud in case you jinx the idea’ moments. It’s not monumental to my overall narrative, but it has given me the background I need to create those monumental moments further down the line.

Needless to say, my word count is pretty dismal this week, even after my sudden inspiration on Friday and Saturday.

1784 Words

On a plus note, I have written and scheduled most of my ‘Prompt Me’ posts for the next few weeks. If you would like to offer up a writing prompt for me to expand on just follow this link.

Excerpt from this week’s WIP:

 “Don’t try any EVO shit with me. This cage is programmed to sedate anyone with elevated kinetic output.” He points to black gun like devices swirling around the top of the cage. “They activate in case of emergency.” He back hands me across the face and the cut re-opens on impact.

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