Blogmas Day 9

Unisex Secret Santa Gift Ideas

There’s nothing worse than being a secret santa to someone you don’t really know, or someone who is hard to buy for. The small budget makes everything ten times harder. That is why I’ve taken it upon myself to find 5 unisex, secret santa gifts for under £10 each.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

This is such a simple, but elegant gift. Bonsai trees are suited to both male and female recipients.

Alcohol Brewing Kit

Alcohol is a go to secret santa present for the over 18s (UK). This kit is a little more thoughtful than just giving a bottle of wine.

Funny Quote Mug

If you want to go down the humourous route, this mug is the perfect secret santa gift. Who doesn’t want a new mug for work?

Desk Calendar

Do you work in an office? Desk calendars are the perfect unisex gift.

Self Stirring Mug

‘Not another mug gift’, I hear you cry. But just wait, this one not only looks like a camera lens, it self stirs!

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