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My Writing & Blogging 2020 Plans

As I go forward into 2020, I am trying to prioritise my writing and everything that is part of that parcel. 2019 wasn’t my most productive in regards to my writing, and part of the reason was my blog series deadlines. If I say I’m doing a series for 10 weeks, I will stick to my promise even if that means my writing projects going on the back burner. In 2019, I did 40 weeks in total! That was fine for 2019, as I couldn’t do as much writing with my young son in tow, but now he is a toddler, and I have a little more time, I need to reorganise the workload.

That reorganisation is ensuring I put my writing first. I would like to publish my Zombies and Budgie Smugglers novella this year, and that means serious editing time.

I need to get back into the saddle and remember that my blog and social media accounts are a by-product of my writing goals, not the other way around.

So, what does that mean for Writerly Bookish Stuff?...

Firstly, I will not be posting any topical blog series this year.

Secondly, book reviews will continue as and when I finish books.

Thirdly, I will, of course, post any information in regards to my books, new releases, and promotions etc.

Finally, I will post one writerly post a month (to correpsond with #authortoolboxbloghop) on every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

I hope to have much more news on my Zombies and Budgie Smugglers novellas to post throughout 2020, and I want to thank all my readers for coming on the journey with me. I hope you stick around to see what I can achieve this year!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2019!

I am grateful to my followers old and new for choosing to read my posts and interact with me on Writerly Bookish Stuff.

Many of you stuck around even though my posting in the first half of the year was dramatically reduced due to pregnancy, and then the arrival of my little man, Mikey.

2019 has many awesome, blog related things in store. I hope to have an increase in content, interaction, and followers, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Here’s to a great year for us all. I hope you all stop by for the first post of my new blog series, Prompt Me, on Jan 2nd.

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My Writing Plans


This post is more of an update to let you all know what is going on with my writing projects right now. I have three unfinished projects and one idea floating around in my head. That being said, I’m not planning on solely focussing on any one of them. I am a week overdue with a baby who seems very comfy where he is. I have distanced myself a little from my WIPs because the last thing I want to do is get even more invested in the narratives and have to take a big step back when baby number 2 arrives. Instead, I am organising my notes and research. This will be my process for the next few months: Notes and research and more notes and research. That way, I stay in touch with my WIPs, but don’t have to fully commit to any hardcore writing time. In truth, I desperately need to organise and sort the stories in my head.


On a different note, I am pleased to say that all three covers for my WIPs are in the final design stages. It may be a long while before I reveal them, but just having them raring to go and looking awesome will be great motivation when I get back some writing time.

For now, I shall be taking a little blog hiatus and will try to persuade this baby to make an appearance. Take care, folks.

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Books and Me

My 2018 Reading Plans

book review(3)

I’ve decided that 2018 will be a mostly ebook year. Why? Because of the sheer amount of ebooks on my Kindle. So many good ebooks on there are being neglected. That’s not to say I won’t read paperbacks as I have many from 2017 to finish, but I’m going to ‘try’ to avoid borrowing from the library, ‘try’ not to buy any new paperbacks unless I have been anticipating them for ages, and ‘try’ not to buy any more ebooks until the ones I have are read.

Due to a hectic year ahead, I’ve cut my Goodreads reading challenge target from 80 books in 2017 to 40 books in 2018. If I can do more, then great!

What goodies are waiting for me on my Kindle?…

My 2018 Ebook TBR Pile.png

Have you changed your reading habits for 2018? Do you have a Goodreads reading challenge target, and what are your plans to smash it?

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