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ARC Review: Heralding by Faith Rivens


Heralding by Faith Rivens 5/5.

6tag_201117-052007Life was simple for Eléonore when her biggest concerns were hunting demons, stacking shelves, and pulling off the single mother gig.

But that was before the night at the Citadelle two months ago. The night when she killed an Elder sorcerer. The night she discovered her own destructive powers.

Now Eléonore’s life is defined by questions of will…

Will her dangerous powers and Iníonaofa heritage ever be explained to her?
Will her son’s father make a reappearance in her life?
Will her son discover the terrible truth of her nighttime hunts?
Will the demon who offered her protection come for her due?

With chaos brewing in Daemoniar—the demon realm—and a tyrannical group on the rise, one thing is for certain…

Eléonore’s about to stumble into a whole new hellhole of trouble.

My thanks goes to the author for sending me a free ARC copy of this book.


I always worry that I’ll be disappointed when I read the sequel to a book I really enjoyed, but those worries were unfounded in regards to Heralding. Eleonore is back with just as much sass, demon ass-kicking skills, and mothering as in book one. The story progressed beautifully from the end of book one, and yet again, Rivens’ writing is brilliant.

I found the growth of Etienne was mastered effortlessly. He is witty, humourous, and mature, but still holds that innocent, naive heart of a child. That is all thanks to Eleonore’s protection of him. As I said in my review of book one, Eleonore really speaks to me as a mother, and I found myself anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat and getting appropriately angry when anything or anyone so much as spoke of Etienne in a way I didn’t like. It is rare to find a book with a demon hunting protag who is also a fully involved parent.

The cast of sub characters are all well rounded with distinctive voices and play vital roles in the progression of the narrative whether big or small. I enjoyed the blurring of the line between good and evil as it allowed for some shock twists and relationship dynamics.

If you haven’t jumped on this series, I recommend you get your hands on book one, Eleonore, and pre-order Heralding right now.

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Book Reviews, Books and Me

Review: When Darkness Breaks by Brianna West

book review(1)

This review has been a long time coming for me. Brianna West is an auto-read author of mine because I love her paranormal romance series and spin offs. If you remember in my last review of her second book in the first spin off series, Guardian’s in Love, I made a hint to West to make a certain character the main protag in his own love story, and guess what? Not only does Simon have his own story, he has his own series! I’m not saying that my request swayed West in anyway, but hey, I’m a happy bunny.

Okay, let me break it down for you:

Original Series: Promiscus Guardians

Spin Off Series One: Guardians in Love

And the new spin off: The Underground Guardians


Ebony has spent the last two hundred years trying to escape the Underworld, because who she is doesn’t match what’s in her heart. Being a demon that has a pure heart is unnatural, and those around her, mostly her family, want to keep her imprisoned for the rest of her life.

While escaping, she saves an angel imprisoned in the Underworld and the course of her entire life is change from the moment she meets the mysterious angel, Simon.

With the help of the Promiscus Guardians, and their lesser known subgroup, the Underground Guardians, Ebony is set on a path that will lead her to discovering the true depth behind her power, the value of her pure heart, and a life worth living. But will her undeniable connection with Simon lead to her undoing?

Thanks go to the author, Brianna West, for giving me a free ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

When Darkness Breaks is due for release in December 2016


Ebony is a high-demon with a pure heart, much to her family’s disgust. She can’t help but save the angel imprisoned by her father and brother, and in the process she meets the one person who can change her life and offer her something she has never before encountered…true love.

West has upped her writing game with this book. The story neatly runs alongside the original series, but covers a whole different aspect- demon/ dark guardians. The main protagonist, Ebony, is a high-demon and this takes the narrative on a gritty, darker path. I was expecting a stubborn, hard-headed demon protagonist, but was pleasantly surprised with naive, gentle Ebony. West writes her character so convincingly without making her seem weak or gullible.

Of course, there is the much anticipated love story, steamy scenes, action, and dreamy hunks. I mean, I would be pretty gutted if I didn’t get a West classic, but it was made all the better with the love interest being the legendary Simon. I know readers have been desperate to find out Simon’s story.

In summary, another hit from West, and another brilliant start to a series in a world I love.

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All books reviewed on this blog have been read by K.J.Chapman

K.J.Chapman has not been paid for this review