October Update

And just like that, October is done. I have had a productive month, even if I haven’t done a great deal of writing.


I finished the first draft of Zombies and Budgie Smugglers. I am not even going to look at it again until well into the New Year. Despite it being a novella, I found it the most taxing book I have written. Having a nearly 9 year old and a 17 month old made sure of that. Only joking, however, mum duties always come first.

I have started handwriting something new. I am not setting deadlines, so I can take my own sweet time. All I can say is… watch this space.


My Picture This series has continued through October. We’re over the half way point, with more scheduled until November 27th.

October marks the last month of Author Toolbox Blog Hop until January 2020. If you missed that post on the benefits of writing by hand you can find it here.


This month I have read just 2 short books. You can find the links here:

Bug Out Guy by Gavin Griffiths

The Woman Who Lost Her Face by NBC News

What’s Next?

With a holiday fast approaching, and then the festive season zooming around the corner, I am not setting goals in stone. All I can hope is to read and write a little more.

Obviously, my blog series will continue. November 27th is the date of the final episode. I am rethinking series and posts for 2020, so for the time being, I shall be thinking about a few Christmassy posts to write in November and schedule ahead of time to make December easier.

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Update 26/10/28


October, where have you gone?

Along with planning a Harry Potter party for my daughter in November, a chest infection, weaning my baby, and reading, I have managed some writing sessions. I didn’t reach massive word counts, but I’m back in the swing of it, especially now I have started drafting on my phone. Why didn’t I think to do this before?

You never know, I might have a WIP teaser to share in November’s update…


Once again, it has been a month of short reads. Big reads need time and investment- I have neither. However, I hit my 40 books Goodreads challenge this month.

Here are the links to my October reads:

What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

Book Idea Generator by James Green

Virus the Unknown by Larry Finhouse

Kindle Income by Alex Foster


Just yesterday I hit a fantastic milestone! 500 followers. I’m so grateful to all my new and old followers for clicking that follow button for my little, ol’ blog.

What’s Coming Up?

Oh, you mean apart from my daughter’s birthday and getting ready for Christmas? Yes, you did hear me right. Christmas is just around the corner, so much so our town’s Christmas lights turn on is Nov 30th, and guess what? We put our decs up when the lights are turned on. It has become a bit of a tradition. Not forgetting, I have a 2nd child now, and in this house that means a 2nd elf has to come and stay from December 1st.

I’m also sorting my children’s advent calendars in November. Last year, I made a lucky dip for my daughter. This year, both kids are getting 24 books- one a day until Christmas eve. No, they’re not brand new books. Charity shop books have the same stories in them 😉, and cost a fraction of the price.

Other than that, I hope to get in a few more decent writing sessions, and I’m planning some different blog posts for the New Year.

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