August Update

This month has been a bizarre one, what with the kids being off school, me taking a writing hiatus, yet at the same time, joining the #authortoolboxbloghop.

Let me break down my month for you:


As you may know, I was struggling to get anything written with my daughter off school and my 1 year old son to entertain. I was feeling guilty for not having written, and I decided a hiatus was what I needed for the holidays. It seems that knowing I don’t have to write takes away the guilt of not doing it. I’m still on my hiatus until Sept 5th.


My hiatus didn’t extend to Writerly Bookish Stuff. I still posted my First Draft series each week, but with the hiatus, I had no new teasers for my Teaser Tuesday posts.

However, I was approached by Raimey Gallant to join the Author Toolbox Blog Hop every 3rd Wednesday of the month, and I jumped at the chance. Keep your eyes peeled for those posts.


I read a lot of short stories this month, and I reviewed them in 2 posts.

3 in 1 Book Review Part 1

3 in 1 Book Review Part 2

What’s Next?

First things first, I shall be setting back to writing Zombies and Budgie Smugglers. I am being kinder on myself and not setting a deadline. It will be done when it is done.

I shall continue on with #authortoolboxbloghop . This month’s post will be joined with my First Draft series post as the concept is the same: writing tips and advice.

I am currently reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I need to give myself more reading time as I let it fall to the bottom of my to do list.

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Update 30/11/18

I have had a productive month. I bet you didn’t think I’d kick of this post with that. I’m just as shocked myself. Lots of stuff got done, not all the stuff I had planned, but lots all the same.


It happened, not the amount I had hoped for, but more than previous months. Knowing the feel of the narrative and characters has made a huge difference.

I won’t share a teaser this month as everything I have written is spoilerific. Maybe next month.

I have also been having a serious think about my 2019 writing plans. This year was a big year personally, so I finished writing zero books. Next year, achievable but challenging goals are a must. I want at least to complete the first draft of my zombie novella, and to get my Indigo Flame book 2 well underway.


I have been a busy bee, scheduling posts, organising 2019’s series ideas, and wait for it… planning Blogmas.

Blogmas day 1 starts tomorrow, and I hope you enjoy this festive series. There will be a Christmas related post every day until Christmas day. Whether you want help to find the perfect, bookish gift, no bake treat ideas, or recipes to use up leftover turkey, then Blogmas on Writerly Bookish Stuff is a must.

I will announce my new series for 2019 in the New Year.


I have read one short story. This is definitely where I underachieved this month. With my daughter’s birthday party, playdates, and my blog post scheduling, reading fell to the bottom of the list.

Find the review for Our Frozen Wings by Becky Wicks here.

I’m not going to do a ‘What’s next?’ section this month as I have explained a little bit about my plans above. A more extensive 2019 plan list is coming in January.

Please come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 1!

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Update 28/09/18

Writing Side of Things

I had hoped to find some more writing time now that my daughter is back at school, but adulting, mummy duties to my four month old, and catching up with old friends has meant only one writing session successfully took place. However, my new marketing schedule has gone well. I’ve seen an increase in Instagram followers, and a big increase in interaction on my blog.


It has been a non fiction month of reads for me. I’ve read a fair amount of writing based and book marketing ebooks, but no fiction. I plan to change that in October.

Here are the links to my reviews:

How to Make Money Blogging by Bob Lotich

Write What Sells by Alex Foster

Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

Kindle Reviews by Alex Foster

Coming Up

I have a couple of guest posts to finish and send. It has been a long while since I’ve been hosted on another blog, so I’m looking forward to it.

I’m open to more guest posts if any of the bloggers among you are interested.

Seeing as Halloween is fast approaching, I have scheduled a free promotion for Zombie Playlist from Oct 1st- 5th.

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