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Review: Girl on a Plane by Miriam Moss


Girl on a Plane by Miriam Moss 4/5

6tag_071217-121147After a summer spent with her family, fifteen-year-old Anna is travelling back to her English boarding school alone. But her plane never makes it home.

Anna’s flight is hijacked by Palestinian guerillas. They land the plane in the Jordanian desert, switch off the engines and issue their demands. If these are not met within three days, they will blow up the plane, killing all the hostages.

The heat on board becomes unbearable; food and water supplies dwindle. Anna begins to face the possibility she may never see her family again.

Time is running out . . .

Based on true events, this is a story about ordinary people facing agonizing horror, of courage and resilience.


I was compelled to pick this up in the library because of two things: the cover, and the fact that it is a true story. Moss may have changed names and added characters, but overall, this is a factual recount of the time her plane was hijacked by Palestinian Guerillas when she was just 15 and flying alone without her family.

Moss’ recount feels true to the story and captures the mindset of a teenager in a life threatening situation. It wasn’t all moments of high fear and panic, but more a truthful portrayal of daytime desert heat and nighttime icy chill, lack of food and water, and the not knowing if the P.F.L.P’s demand is being met by the British Government.

I found the chapter with the reporters so bizarre, yet fascinating. The whole situation was surreal and almost comical one moment, and then terrifying the next. This book doesn’t try to make heroes or glorify anyone, it just tells one young girl’s experience of how it truly played out.

I’m not usually a fan of memoir type stories, but something about this one caught my eye and I was glad I took a chance on it.

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