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Book Review: My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen

My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen 4/5.

So, this is me. Lily Allen.
I am a woman.
I am a mother.
I was a wife.
I drink.
I have taken drugs.
I have loved and been let down.
I am a success and a failure.
I am a songwriter.
I am a singer.
I am all these things and more.
When women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change – for the better.
This is my story.


I listened to Lily Allen in my teens, saw what the media spat about her, and never thought much on what was fact and what was fiction.

I’m not normally a fan of autobiographies because they’re usually all ‘this is the truth about that, and yes, I am the victim in the scenario’. People tend to glorify themselves too much, but Lily hasn’t done that. Yes, she has stated when she was actually the victim in fake media stories etc, but she also states when she was in the wrong.

This is a frank, brutally honest recount of important episodes in Lily’s life, and if you are a fan of her music, then you might find this read interesting.

My only niggle was that it got repetitive in places, hence the 4 not 5 stars.

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