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Picture Prompt 09/05/2017


Here is another of my Instagram picture prompts for you to get creative with. I invite you to have a go at writing a sentence/paragraph/short story to accompany the picture. Remember to link your post back to me, so I can read your creations and spotlight them in the next picture prompt post.

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When I was a child, I would sneak out of the farm on a full moon and run all the way through the woods to the lake. As an adult, I still do. Not because of the way the moonlight reflects off the calm water, or the majestic sound of the owls calling to the night, but because of the strange crafts that rise out of the depths in the middle of the lake and fly off into the stars. I have been watching them for twenty one years, and tonight is the first night that I’ve signalled to them using my torch. Why? Because it seems I’m not the only one who has been watching them, and now, they’re in danger.

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Week Three: Fictional Flashback February 2017


This month, I am taking part in #FictFBFeb17 hosted by Faith Rivens. You can find Faith and this challenge on Twitter and Instagram~ @faith_therivens.

This challenge allows us to take an indepth look at our characters, and offers readers insight into their stories. I have chosen to feature Teddie Leason from the EVO Nation series, and Dagger, the protagonist from a novella I am currently working on, Zombie Playlist. Each day is a different theme, so for the next month, keep your eyes peeled for my contributions.

I shall do a weekly summary of my posts on my blog, so if you miss my Twitter/ Insta posts, you can always find them here.

Day 15: Familiar

Day 16: Forward

Day 17: Feel

Day 18: Fringe

Day 19: Fling

Day 20: Fever

Day 21: Follow

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June Reads Round Up


Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger


My full review: Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge

I gave this book 3/5. The concept was innovative and fun, but I found the world building slightly unbelievable. Some good character development, but some not so good. Quick, easy read.


Unknown by Phil Price


My full review: Unknown

I gave this book 5/5. Many POV’s woven into a master tale of vampires, other worlds, and blood harvesting. Many stories could be stand alone from throughout the eras, but the more you read, the more intricately everything is linked.

The Hawkweed Prophecy by Irina Brignull

13451099_1200272576690824_694634852_nMy full review: The Hawkeeed Prophecy

I gave this book 3/5. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect of the story, and how well teen issues have been woven into a tale of witches, spells, and prophecy. Some relationships felt a little awkward, and the narrative felt rushed in places. A book that doesn’t transcend the age range, but I believe would be enjoyable to young teens.

The Story Traveller by Max Candee

13444163_1200438200007595_49741606_nMy full review: The Story Traveller

I gave this book 3/5. Detailed world building and imaginative characters. A few too many info dumps for my liking, and a contradictory protagonist. A read for teens with an innovative concept.


The Dark Side by Anthony O’Neill

13510714_1205895482795200_2010087657_nMy full review: The Dark Side

I gave this book 4/5. Well thought out, believable dystopian future. A colonised moon loaded with criminals! Gotham City meets Las Vegas. Sci-fi noir with healthy dollops of humour and a very high death count. Thoroughly enjoyed this read.


The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R Carey

13553382_1209905312394217_1733002327_nMy full review:

I gave this book 5/5. Not what I expected, but in a good way. Unique take on the zombie novel with science woven in. Small group of well developed characters and multiple POVs. Could not put this book down.


Have you read any of my June reads? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for me because I’m always looking to add to be TBR pile *cough*.

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Book Reviews

My May Reads Round Up


This is my first EVER round up post. I read a lot, and I review a lot, so why not round up, right?

My plan is to provide my Instagram pics, a link to my full review, and a very quick summary of every book I have read per month.

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2) by Brandon Sanderson


My full review: The Well of Ascension Review

I gave this book 5*. I’m shouting about the Mistborn series from every rooftop I can find. If you love fantasy and great writing, then get you hands on this series.

Diary of Anna the Girl Witch by Max Candee


My full review: Diary of Anna the Girl Witch Review

I gave this book 4*. This book is a children’s book for the ages of about 8-12. It is a fun, dark, and twisted story with clear moral lessons.

The Dare by John Boyne

I gave this book 3.5*. A quick read book that weaves a tale of consequences, and shows how one action can affect many.

Doctrine of Indecency by Various Authors

I gave this book 3*. 18 short tales of erotic romance in varying genres. My favourites were written by Brianna West and Lila Vale. A bit hit and miss with some of the other stories.

6tag_140516-070914A Baby at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

I gave this book 4*. Another from the quick read collection. Set in my home county of Cornwall. It is a fun, easy to read tale, and I shall be picking up all of Lucy Diamonds books in future.

The above reviews were rolled into a triple review post: Triple review!

Girl of Myth and Legend by Giselle Simlett


My full review: Girl of Myth and Legend Review

I gave this book 3.5*. Some slight contradictions in characters, but solid story, good world building, and a great concept. Will read book two because of one character- Korren.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


My full review: The Alchemist Review

I gave this book 3*. Well written, but slow moving story. A book full of life lessons and motivation, but came across a bit preachy to me. Was a little disappointed with the hype surrounding this book.

White Sand (Vol #1) by Brandon Sanderson


My full review: White Sand Review

I gave this book 4*. My first graphic novel experience. Great world and character building in such few words. Once I got the hang of the text and imagery, I finished the novel in mere hours.

The Beach Cabin by Fern Britton


My full review: The Beach Cabin Review

I gave this book 3.5/5. A fast moving tale that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to read. If you can over look some character cliches it is a light hearted read with some big issues and happy endings all round.

Ink and Bone (The Great Library #1) by Rachel Caine


My full review: Ink and Bone Review

I gave this book 4*. A world in which the Great Library of Alexandria was never destroyed, and the library governs all books and knowledge. Well rounded characters and fantastic world building. A long read, but worth it.

Keep tuned for my updates, book reviews, and round ups throughout June!

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#AMWRITING Instagram Promos

I am fully embracing Instagram of late. It is a great way to share promos of published works and current WIPs. I wasn’t a committed Instagrammer before, but that has quickly changed. If you’re not on Instagram- why not? It is worth having another social media platform at your disposal.

Here are my latest #amwriting promos that I have been uploading over the last week. They are snippets of my current WIP, EVO Ghost:


If you’re already on Instagram, or looking to join, give me a shout when you are over there. I’m happy to return the follow! KJ Chapman on Instagram.

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