Blogmas Day 2

Etsy Gifts for Booklovers

Blogmas day 2 is here! I love making these posts because I basically get to online shop for things I like. I also like to keep it real and showcase handmade gifts that average, working class families can afford. None of the gifts I have found breach the £20 limit.

Under £5

Nika Charms and Gifts make and sell the most adorable bookmarks. My favourites are under £5. There is a £1.50 postage charge, but as the item itself is less than £5, I wanted to include it in this section.

As an alternative, bookmarks printed on cardstock are cheaper still.


Artisanal Ane creates beautiful Kindle sleeves to keep your Kindles safe and snug. A Kindle sleeve costs £7.50 with £1.50 postage.


Poppins and Co have so many stunning prints that booklovers will gush over. This Little Women quote is just £11.99 with free p&p to the UK.


Pretty Rose Home Decor make weighted, fabric bags that make nifty bookends. You can grab a pair for £17.50 and free p&p.

I hope these gifts have given you inspiration to buy a perfect gift for your loved one that won’t break the bank.

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Books and Me

Gifts for a Book Lover

trés cool(1).png

Do you know a book lover who needs a perfect gift? There’s no need to be stumped in the present buying department, just have a look at my top ten book lover gifts:

(All the following items are available via the accompanying Etsy links.)

Spoon bookmark from Milk and Honey Luxuries on Etsy.


Tote book bag from Erikas Bag on Etsy.


Mug from Stallings and Son on Etsy.


Horse shoe bookends from Critters Co on Etsy.


‘Sherlock’s Study’ scented candle from Frostbeard on Etsy.


Hand typed C.S. Lewis Friendship quote from Quotype on Etsy.


Book Pouch from Melvis Makes on Etsy.


Shakespeare Earrings by Bookity on Etsy.


Dewey Decimal for Literature scarf from Cyberoptix on Etsy.


Harry Potter Bauble from Love Liesel Crafts from Etsy.


What do you think of these beautiful gifts? I hope this has given you some inspiration. I know what is on my Christmas list…


100% K.J Chapman

Friday Fun: Gifts of a Writer and Geek

Last Saturday, I entered into the last year of my twenties. I literally woke up and thought, ‘how the hell did that happen?’ I remember celebrating my eighteenth just last year… surely… no, eleven years ago… WOW.

I quickly got over the shock of my disappearing youth when I opened my gifts. I was truly spoilt throughout the day, but I think this picture captures the writer and geek in me. My friends and family know me too well.

Dr Who and Potter fans will appreciate my excitement at opening these beauties. My love of notebooks has now meshed with my love of Potter thanks to Mr O and my daughter. They can also be thanked for the snitch necklace (it is quite heavy, so we plan on turning it into a Christmas tree ornament), and the coolest alarm clock EVER! I get woken by the sound of the Tardis, and I can press a little button and have the time illuminated on my ceiling… <I’m like a pig in shit>.

My Tardis salt and pepper shakers are NOT to be used, and have pride of place on my kitchen window sill beside my chicken calendar. Other people may shake their heads, or call me immature, but I say, ‘my house, my stuff, my life, my business.’

If you have an inner geek, let it loose! It’s more fun that way, I promise.

Books and Me

Gifts for the Bookworm

My birthday is fast approaching, and I’ve been asked if there is anything I need. I’m terrible at suggesting gift ideas for myself, so I just shrug and say, ‘You don’t have to get me anything.’ That is true, and I quite literally have no idea what gifts I want/ need.

I’m a bookworm, and yes, a little geeky in my love of all things fantasy, SciFi, and whimsical. Gifts in any of these areas will always be spot on. However, I find it just as hard to buy gifts for other people.

I have decided to do a little research into gift ideas for the bookworms in my life… I might even buy myself some pre-birthday presents of my own.

Book Bag:

Buy this bag from CafePress


Buy this bookmark from PeggysPassions over at ETSY

398.2 Pendant:


Buy this pendant from Zazzle

Dr Seuss Wall Art:

Buy these canvases from OneLessMoon over at ETSY


Buy this bookend from KatansDesigns over at ETSY

These are my top favourite gift ideas. I’m in love with the pendant in particular- we should all still believe in fairy-tales, right?

Have you ever received a perfect bookworm gift? Or do you have a particular gift you’d like to receive?