Blogmas Day 23

Last Minute Gift Hacks

There is only today and tomorrow to get your Christmas shopping finished. If you’re unable to get to the shops or need to save money, I’ve done some internet searching to find hacks that may help you out.

Toilet Roll Gift Boxes

In need of gift bags to hold sweets or gift cards? Have you thought of toilet rolls? Seriously, has made bog rolls look classy.

Pringle Tube Gift Box

Get baking and present your goodies in these nifty Pringle tubes. Jen grant Morris tells you how.

DIY Christmas Cards

Did you forget to buy a card for your Great Aunt? No worries, you can find a perfect example of a simple Christmas card DIY over at Beccy’s Place.

Cookies in a Jar

Do you have the basics in the pantry to make cookies? can show you how to make an attractive gift that old and young will enjoy.

Tea Trees

Everyone loves tea, right? Thirsty For Tea have a festive way to display tea bags and make a last minute gift for any tea lover.

I would be thrilled to receive any of the above. It may be a last minute, inexpensive gift, but it looks like effort has gone into each.

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