Blogmas Day 19

Christmas Film Review

To be honest, this post was purely so I could binge watch Christmas films with the family. Spending a day in pyjamas with the curtains shut is totally fine when you can say ‘it’s for blogmas day 19’.

The Polar Express

5*! What is there not to love about this film? Christmas spirit, belief, and Tom Hanks. The magic of Christmas is captured in this film. It’s a perfect watch if you have children of a certain age asking those dreaded questions about Santa.

The Nativity 1

4*! This is a feel good film for adults and kids alike. Who doesn’t like a light-hearted Martin Freeman film. My daughter loves this film. Mr.Poppy was a huge hit in my house.

Love Actually

5*! I watch this film every year! The highs and lows of Christmas are perfectly captured in the different story arcs. Obviously, this is not one for kids, but a great film to watch with mates or the significant other.

Arthur Christmas

5*! This is feel good and hilarious. One of my absolute favourites. They even bring my home county of Cornwall into it. Perfect! Kids and adults can appreciate this gem.

What are your favourite festive films?

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Blogmas Day 3

Christmas Craft Fayre Weekend

On the 1st and 2nd of December, our local theme park, Flambards, held their annual Christmas craft fayre. It feels like the season has officially started when the Christmas craft fayre comes around.

Local crafters have stalls positioned through the Victorian Villlage Museum and in various locations in the park. It looks so magical. See for yourself…

We tend not to spend a lot of money and simply go for the atmosphere and to see Santa, but my daughter did have her face painted and bought a Hufflepuff coaster for her bedroom. One thing we do always spend money on is the food stalls.

If you want to know the real reason why I go to the craft fayre… its churros. Only joking, well, I’m only half joking. Despite the rain, we made sure we got our hands on some Nutella filled churros. (Photo of me stuffing my face courtesy of my hubby.) Not only that, we also bought handmade cookies that were as big as my head.

What event or tradition kicks off the festive season for you?

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The New Year & All That Goes With It

Happy New Year to all who celebrate it. I hope you awoke this morning totally celebrated out, but hangover free. If not hangover free, just think of the memories you have made… or depending on how much you drank, lack of memories.

Seeing as this is my first post of the new year, I would like to take the time to thank all of my followers for the great support I received in 2015. I started my little blog in June, and have gained an overwhelming 158 followers since. All the kind comments, reblogs, and shares on social media have not only motivated me, but they have also warmed my heart. My sincerest thanks goes to you all.

So, what does 2016 hold for me?

I am a resolution maker. Resolutions such as gym memberships and saving money always fall by the wayside, so I set myself achievable, meaningful resolutions I’d like to accomplish in regards to my family life and with my writing.

My Resolutions

Family Ambitions:

  • Eat healthier.
  • Go away together (even if we stay inside the UK, even if we stay inside Cornwall for that matter.)
  • Use my husbands days off wisely.
  • Make more of the weekends when we are all free at the same time.
  • Get through the bungalow extension with our sanity.  (Our landlady is extending the bungalow we rent and it is a mammoth job.)
  • Turn thirty in style! (We have 12 days between our thirtieth birthdays, and plan to hold a joint party.)
  • Throw Sophie her first, big, birthday party for her sixth birthday. (The invite her whole class kind of party, with lots of sugar).
  • De-clutter. (This is a must before the extension.)

Writing Ambitions:

  • Complete and self-publish EVO Shift (by April at the very latest.)
  • Complete the third and final book in the EVO Nation Series (by November.)
  • Complete and self publish my current side project (by February. This is very near completion.)
  • At least make a start on my new series by the end of the year.
  • Self- publish a Christmas novella. (This is a side project that will only come to fruition if time allows.)
  • Build and grow my blog and web presence.

I’m not a martyr, and if I don’t fulfil every resolution/ ambition I won’t beat myself up over it or push myself to breaking point. I simply enjoy setting goals to aim for. All our family ambitions are easily achievable, and are just continuations on what we have already started. All except that dreaded extension… ‘think of the end result, Kayleigh- more space.’

Each new year feels like a fresh start to reassess where I am at and set new goals. I hope you all are looking forward to the new year and the possibilities 2016 may bring.

Tell yourself that…


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