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Mapping Out


No, I haven’t turned plotter all of a sudden, but I am having to map out what I have already written, so I know what I have touched upon, and where I was going etc. I guess it’s plotting in reverse; starting a flow chart only after I’ve written a chapter.


This is really really helping me with book three, EVO Ghost. I keep having mini panics about tying up loose ends, making the finale epic, and ensuring everyone has their showcase. At least with mapping out the chapters I have written, I have a visual aid of where I was intending to take the narrative, and I don’t forget any details.

As I have discussed in previous posts, I can’t plot- I just can’t. There is something about plotting that leaves my narrative stilted, and my characters unbelievable. That’s just my experience. The fun of writing for me comes from discovering the narrative as I plow on, and I find my attention wandering if I already know the ending; much like someone giving you a film to watch, but telling you the plot twist first.

Do any of you pantsers have tips and tricks for keeping your narrative on point? I’d love to hear from you.

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I write in First Person. No, I’m not Purely Projecting!

Just like a story  written in third person, a first person story is just that- a story. We draw on real emotions, locations, experiences just like every other writer, but the story is fiction. It is not a total projection of our lives.

eye roll

As you can guess, someone made this comment to me recently when they learnt that I write in first person. It put my back right up, and what do I do when I get annoyed?… I write. Hence, this post.

My MC is being tortured in my current chapter. I have never been tortured, and hope I never shall. So, what do I do to create realism? I think of a particularly difficult situation, draw on an emotion that may best reflect my MC’s, and I go from there. If I write about a woman with an unhealthy upbringing, that is not a reflection on my own life. I had an amazing childhood, but I know others who didn’t. I can use knowledge from their experiences and my own thoughts as an outsider to add realism to the narrative.

Yes, my imagination can be vivid, wild, and raw, but that’s why I write.

Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #19

  • I have a five year old daughter.
  • School Christmas plays and parties have been non-stop.
  • I’m still recuperating after my wedding on the 11th.
  • I didn’t start my Christmas shopping until this week.

There you have my list of reasons…*excuses* for my shameful word count this week.

701 Words

It’s okay, though. I’ve been enjoying myself, enjoying family life, and getting in the Christmas spirit. 701 words will do.

I won’t hold out any promises for next week’s word count either. It’s Christmas week, so I shall be eating, drinking, and having a blast. I hope you all do too. Let’s all aim for a festive, merry week and low word counts.

And if you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit…giphy (57).gif

Excerpt from this week’s W.I.P:

I wear pyjamas. I haven’t worn pyjamas in weeks. They seem pointless, what if we need to run in a hurry? Pink, fluffy pyjamas with unicorns on them aren’t the most practical outlaw attire. I strip them off and chuck them into the corner. Instead, opting for jeans, a grey, knit sweater, and zip up boots. I fill a rucksack with more practical choices before climbing back into bed.

I just want to add a huge thank you to everyone who read my short stories and writing exercises this week. Your comments have been amazing, motivating, and uplifting. Your support is much appreciated.


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