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As I have been doing weekly CampNaNoWriMo updates, I opted against posting a WIP update. Instead, I thought I’d share some of my excerpts/quotes that I uploaded to Instagram. Thrown to The Blue is about 10k away from completion, and I hope to finish the first draft by the end of NaNo.

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Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.(4)

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.(1)

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.(3)

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I have been working tirelessly on this WIP, and I’m getting drawn deeper and deeper. I’ve been wanting to share everything about this novel with everyone, but seeing as that’s not a wise move, I shall share some excerpts.

As there are two points of view in this novel, Ezrahli’s and Reed’s, I shall share an excerpt from each. (They are not in any particular order, just chosen at random.)


Smiling politely, I step into the vast hallway with Quinn just a few steps behind. The guards fall into formation- one in front and the remaining four in a circle around the both of us.

“The Prince has requested you meet him in his chambers, Your Majesty.”

“Very well.”

I’m escorted through the hallways, and then we stop outside father’s room. Ten guards line the entrance and bow as I face them. I laugh heartily on the inside, trying to keep a cool exterior. Brenneth’s serve, Cashel, opens the door, and I breeze in with Quinn close of my heels.

As soon as the door closes, and I enter the bed chambers, I laugh out loud. “Is that bed even cold, Brenneth?”

Brenneth sits at the mirror, scraping his hair back into a severe up style, tied with a small strip of black ribbon. “I shall be King by dinner. Is it not right that I sleep in the largest bed on my first night as Imperial Majesty?”

“You know I care not where you sleep, Brother.”

He looks at me through the mirror. “Now, that’s not strictly true, is it?” he says, his eyes flicking to Quinn.

Quinn stares at his fingers as Brenneth studies his attire, skimming from his sheer blouse to the red lips. Rolling my eyes, I step behind Brenneth, blocking Quinn from his gaze, and I help him place his crown; a solid ring of heavy gold with spires similar to mine, only masculine and austere.

“What is the story?” I ask.

“My sister waited for me to leave the palace with a solid alibi, and then murdered my father, the King, so I could take the throne.”

“Honest- I like it.”

He reaches up and holds my wrist tightly. “Thank you for making sure I was protected from accusation. I will protect you, Ezra. On my life I swear it.” There is deep sincerity in his face, and I rest my chin on his shoulder from behind.

I sweep my veil aside, so he can see my eyes. “Ye’Sande is yours,” I say.

“No, sister, it is ours. An unknown, trained assassin entered the castle and killed Father without alerting the guards. You were the first to find him.”

Nodding, I step away, allowing Brenneth to admire himself in the mirror.

“Are you ready, my King,” asks Cashel.

Brenneth grins. “My King… Well, that does have a ring to it. Yes, Cashel, inform the guards.” He steps forward, adjusting his mourning tunic one last time, and then turns and strokes my cheek. “My beautiful, little assassin,” he says. “It is just you and I from here on in.”



I perch atop of the church roof, hidden behind the bell tower. I could go back to Teal, but I will-nay just yet. The Princess had scars alright, just the wrong ones, but what she did have was a burning anger. I could be angry like her, but I chose nay to be. I dealt with my anger much like she dealt with hers, but it has-nay seemed to help her. I can-nay imagine living my life so consumed and bitter. I feel for her, though, whether she wants my pity or nay. I understand what she went through.

Teal did-nay want me to just see her scars, he wanted me to get close enough to sense her. Energy gathers around witches as if the air around them is alive, even without being claimed. Aye, the air was alive, but I can-nay tell ye if it was magic or her fury. I can-nay tell ye much about that woman, yet I want to know everything.

Curiosity may be the death of me where Princess Ezrahli is concerned… Ezra. She allowed her serve to call her by a pet name of sorts. I hung around long enough to hear his fable; a story he told her to help her sleep. She trusts him. So, now, I know there are two people in the world that she holds dear. Two people who love her, but do-nay really know her. If they did, perhaps they could help her. Perhaps nay-one can help her. Perhaps I’d like to try. Perhaps I’m just a foreign fool in her damned Kingdom.


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