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Review: Dark Secrets by Leeah Taylor

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Dark Secrets (Surface Below #1) by Leeah Taylor 3.5/5

What happens when everything you thought you knew was a lie? Tha13942456_1245615458823202_17791767_nt’s exactly what William must face when he meets Becca one night in a local bar. Their connection curious as William feels a familiar draw to her. Sure that he knows her, William digs deeper for information by returning to the Bottom. His curiosity, though, reveals twenty years of lies, secrets and betrayal; all at the hands of his parents.

William is thrust back into the world of vampires, conjurers and wolves when Becca is taken by an old enemy. And as family is reunited and truths revealed, William is faced with a legacy that will change everything he thought he knew about himself, his father and the world he came from.

All that matters, though, is his growing affection for Becca. A bond forged at birth and reignited as they discover who they are and what they are meant for. And as they do, they will awaken the Heir and Heiress within them. Setting into motion their legacy to once again rule the Bottom World.

But first, they must die before they can live.

Thanks goes to the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


Secret realms on earth that are hidden from humans. Vampires, conjurers, and wolves cohabiting without our knowledge. The three Marks brothers and the three Lorde sisters are reunited to fulfil a legacy that will see a new Heir and Heiress of the ‘Bottom’ world, but there are those who wish to thwart the legacy for their own gain.

There are many stereotypical tropes of a paranormal romance novel, but I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I read paranormal romance for such tropes. I know what I’m getting: easy read, insta-love, action, and a team of supportive sub-characters. Oh, and not forgetting a hunky guy whom I can keep as a fictional boyfriend for the length of the book.

The narrative was fast paced, and sometimes this led to me feeling a little overwhelmed with information to process, but it held my interest. Once I understood the new family dynamics in relation to the old ones, I was on a roll.

If you like paranormal romance, steamy scenes, new realms, and can handle a few distressing moments, then this is the book for you.

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