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Thrown to The Blue Playlist


It’s that time again- playlist time. I’m at the 3/4 point of my first draft of Thrown to The Blue, and I decided that it’s time to blog about my playlist for this novel. I’ve been listening to a variety of songs of late, but have whittled it down to a select few that have drawn my attention.

  1. Keaton Henson- Sweetheart What Have You Done to Us? Watch Video.
  2. Bastille- Things We Lost to the Fire Watch Video.
  3. Soundgarden- Blow Up the Outside World Watch Video.
  4. Zedd ft Jon Bellion- Beautiful Now Watch Video.
  5. Of Monsters and Men- Yellow Light Watch Video.
  6. Metallica- Until It Sleeps Watch Video.
  7. Urge Overkill- Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon Watch Video.
  8. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird Watch Video.
  9. Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo- Close Watch Video.
  10. Ariana Grande- Dangerous Woman Watch Video.
  11. Damien Rice- Colour Me In Watch Video.
  12. Damien Rice- Delicate Watch Video.
  13. Peacock Affect- Wallflower Watch Video.
  14. Biffy Clyro- Many of Horror Watch video.
  15. Biffy Clyro- Mountains Watch Video.
  16. Biffy Clyro- That Golden Rule Watch Video.

Do you write/ draw/ paint to a playlist and does it help ignite creativity? Are there any other methods or rituals you use to get in the zone?

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Getting Back to Pen and Paper


When I first started properly writing, 12 *cough* years ago, I always used pen and paper. We had a PC in our family home, and I had access to computers through college, but at home I was vying for PC time with other family members, and at college I was cramming revision and writing essays. Pen and paper was easiest.

When I moved out at 20 with my boyfriend, now hubby, and my bestie, Charlotte, I didn’t have a PC. I would use Charlotte’s when she wasn’t using it, but again- pen and paper was easiest.

Then, laptops came into the equation. As soon as I had one warming my lap, typing took over. I would write notes, but I rarely drafted on anything other than a laptop. That remained true until very recently.


I was suffering from a headache that only got worse from staring at a screen. I had a wave of motivation, so I couldn’t not write. I grabbed a pen and paper and knuckled down. Wow, I forgot how liberating it was to actually write words- physically write words in my handwriting. Weird, right? No, I think there is a creative link between thinking and physically writing. It is the reason why I write my notes by hand, and now the reason why I plan to draft a part of EVO Ghost by hand. I’m still a typing advocate, but when stuck, it’s pen and paper for me, and I am definitely in a rut.

Do you draft all, part, or none of your WIP on paper? Are you an avid note taker? I welcome all comments.

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Writing Exercises

Prompt Me #2

This week’s prompt comes from Sarina over at Cookie Break. If you haven’t popped over to Cookie Break, please do. You won’t regret clicking that little follow button either. Sarina shares her writing experiences, musings, book reviews, and much, much more.

The Prompt:

The secret that, if revealed, would upset everything.

“It’s not like I asked him for much. I wanted to be loved, and I guess that’s harder for some, but we’ve all got the capacity, or so I thought. It’s a shell shocker when everything you think you know comes crashing about your ears. I feel like I’m still stepping over the pieces. I can hear the crunching beneath me, and every step is taking me away from the person I thought I was.”

She looks over her glasses at me; a cliche therapist move if ever I saw one. “Perhaps the person you thought you was has merely grown, moved on, learnt from experience. What do you think about the person you are today, in comparison to then?”

I lay my sweating hands against the cool plastic of the chair, and sit a little straighter. “I’m wiser.”


“You see, I don’t know if it is good. I’m judgmental, wary, isolated. I doubt I’ll ever be able to trust again. He broke my heart and opened my eyes at the same time and I don’t know which is worse?”

She closes her file and pushes her glasses onto the top of her greying mane. “Can I offer you a little advice, Libby? This is strictly off the record as what I’m about to say isn’t professional or kind.” I tilt my head in curiosity. “Sometimes people break our hearts- end of story. We are left with trust issues, commitment issues, but we get on with it because life goes on. We don’t go around stalking people, breaking into their houses, frightening their spouses half to death in the middle of the night. If you break your restraining order again, you’ll be looking at jail time. You need to let go, rid yourself from the burden of hurt that sits on your shoulders. Carl and Chantelle are happy, leave them be.”

Nothing I did compares to the hurt he caused me, and I was only trying to make him see that he still loved me,” I sob. “There’s a lot unsaid between us. I just need a chance to tell him by myself, but I can’t get near him.’ She makes it sound like I’m psychotic, like I did those things to harm Carl. I simply followed him to work to give him his birthday card. I didn’t break in to his house, our house. I used the key he always leaves in the shed to quickly get my mail, and as for scaring Chantelle, well, who cares? She deserves to rot in hell for what she did to my relationship. I can tell that this shrink is just like the others, pompous, unsympathetic, and has a superiority complex.

“I think we should pick this up again on Friday, Libby. I want you to think about the positive changes you have seen in yourself in the last three months. Write them down in your journal and we’ll discuss them together.”

I smile at her just as she expects me to, and shake her hand with a firm grip. “I will do. Thank you for today, and thank you for being honest with me, it really has helped,” I say.

She places a hand on my shoulder, and offers me a patronising smile. I’m not even lying, it really has helped. I’m going to rid myself of that burden of hurt. I’m going to drive a knife right into Chantelle’s heart, and I’m going to make Carl watch it all. I just have to decide whether to show her my scan picture first or would that just be cruel? I kind of want to see her face when she knows our secret. There’s no rush, I can decide on the way home. I’m quite hungry actually, I might stop by McDonalds first.

Sarina has offered me five prompts in total, so keep your eyes peeled for those future ‘Prompt Me’ posts.

If you would like to offer prompts for future posts, please check out the original post and leave a comment: Prompt Me

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I’ll Write What I Like

I was in a group discussion today about writing novels, editing etc, when someone asked if I’d solely write in first person present tense. The answer is no, I prefer to, but that doesn’t mean I shall always. It was a fair question in a reasonable, I like to think educated, discussion. Then, another party joined the group. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a discussion snowballs and everyone wants in, but this person wasn’t contributing anything other than forcing their opinions on me.

“Did you know that first person present tense is rated as the least favoured writing tense by readers? they said.

No, I did not. (I will research the truth in that a little later for my own interest.) Joining in a discussion that you weren’t originally a part of with a negative is always disgruntling to me.

“I can’t stand reading anything in first person present tense. If I see that a book is written in first person present tense,  I won’t even read the second sentence. It feels lazy to me.”

Okay, how does this help our discussion. Why does it feel lazy? What is it that irks you so much about it? Valid arguments require valid reasoning. You’re allowed an opinion, but I’m allowed a reason, right?

My reply, “I enjoy being in the MC’s head, and I definitely wouldn’t call it lazy writing. There are pros and cons to writing in any tense or POV. First person present tense is restrictive to time manipulation, and progressing the story whilst keeping it interesting is quite a feat.

“I just can’t help but think that it’s self-absorbed. It’s like the author is the MC and merely acting out their own fantasies.”

Okay, don’t all writers do that to an extent? There is a little piece of me in every character I create- villain, protagonist, dog.

My reply, “I disagree. I love reading narratives in first person present tense, and I think that’s why I naturally write that way too. Each writer has their own style, and each reader has their own taste. To devalue one is pointless because for every person that says they hate a book, there is another who loves it.

“Yes, but like I said, you write in the least favoured writing tense and POV,” they add.


“And if you switch to, let’s say, third person past tense, you’d access a bigger target audience.”

“Perhaps, but why would I do that?”

“To make more money.”

Bingo. Now, that is why I’m a writer, and you are not, good sir. I write for the love not the money. I love what I write, and although you may not, there are others who do. (That being said, this guy hasn’t even read my book.)

My reply, “When did we start talking about money?”


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Writing Exercises

Write Me: Ten Word Story

There has been a little change to Monday’s scheduled posts. For the time being, I will take a hiatus from the quotes posts to give myself time to schedule some more writing exercises that have been waiting patiently in the drafts folder.

I’ve always been a sucker for a challenge, and when said challenge happens to be a writing exercise, I’m chomping at the bit. For the next ten weeks, I shall be writing stories with word limits, starting at ten words and working up in multiples of ten each week until one hundred.

My ten word story:

I can survive anything in a good pair of converse.

Feel free to join in with your own ten word stories and let me know what you come up with.

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Weekly Quotes

Quotes of the Week, November 2nd 2015

I have chosen creativity to be my theme this week. I think it is important for every author, singer, artist, musician, dancer… to read these quotes and take them on board. In my opinion, creativity and bravery go hand in hand.

‘An essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail.’ ~ Edwin Land

‘And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.’ ~ Sylvia Plath

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’ ~ Scott Adams

Happy Monday to all the creative souls out there!

Tip Share

Tip Share #4

The fourth tip that I wanted to share with you all is a simple, but useful tip when writing that first draft.

‘Don’t fuss over the details. Stopping to figure out the exact size of bullet needed for a certain gun can put a dampener on creativity and hinder your flow. Keep writing, jot a note to remind you to research at a later date, and get that first draft down. Editing is called editing for a reason.’

This tip stems from experience. I have pages of scribbles in my notebook reminding me to find out specific, factual information that I don’t know off the top of my head. I prefer not to dwell on the details until the editing stage, otherwise I switch from the creative to the logical side of my brain and lose my train of thought.