Blogmas Day 8

Crafty Instagrammers

Welcome back to Writerly Bookish Stuff for Blogmas day 8. Today is all about crafty Instagrammers.

If you’re like me, you love Instagram for the visual, eye catching promotion it offers. I follow crafters for this very reason. You can get a glimpse at not only the finished creations, but the process and time that goes into the pieces.

This post is to highlight some talented Instagrammers, and perhaps give you some Christmas gift ideas.

Cornish Rose Crafts

Her bio reads: I live in Cornwall and make sun catchers and anything else that sparkles.

If you enjoy the pretty things in life, check out Cornish Rose Crafts.

Zoe Howarth Jewellery

Her bio reads: Inspired by the ocean and the blurred boundaries where the land meets the sea.

Zoe has a talent for handcrafting silver and makes gorgeous jewellery. I am the proud owner of some lovely pieces.

Sacred Wild Soul

Zoe Howarth also creates Oracle decks. Her Instagram feed for Sacred Wild Soul is so beautiful.

Her bio reads: Artist|Truth Seeker|Intuitive Soul

My Holly House

Her bio reads: My Holly House is a small business specialising in watercolour prints and handmade gifts.

If you need handmade or personalised prints and gifts keep My Holly House in mind.

Please note, her Etsy shop is temporarily closed, but this crafter is worth keeping note of for future gifts.

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