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Review: The Beach Cabin by Fern Britton

The Beach Cabin by Fern Britton 3.5/5

13275865_1188647384520010_85332465_nEd and Charlotte have been married for fifteen years, but they have been drifting apart and now Ed suspects that Charlotte may be involved with another man.
He decides a family holiday is just what they need and rents a cottage on the cliffs near the picturesque Cornish village of Pendruggan. He is desperate not to lose Charlotte and hopes that the holiday will bring them closer together again, but Charlotte is wondering what happened to the man she fell in love with.
So into their car they all pile, including their teenage daughter Alex, her younger brother, Sam and their enormous Bearded Collie – will their Cornish escape be the holiday to make them… or break them?


A quick read, set in my home county of Cornwall. It is clear that Britton is a lover of the county, and captures the landscapes and local life brilliantly. This short story is an easy read despite broaching the topics of crisis in marriage, and a daughter struggling with her sexuality.

The revelation that Alex thinks she might be gay comes at the end of the book and was not a revelation at all. It was extremely easy to guess from early on in the story. So easy that the parents, Charlotte and Ed, wouldn’t have had such a shocked response, but otherwise I enjoyed the tale that had a happy ending all around.

The kids were a bit cliche- Sam the enthusiastic, always hungry, skate-board enthusiast son, and Alex the moody, sarcastic, likes her sleep, teenage daughter. If you can get passed this, and enjoy the fast moving tale that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to read, then you’ll enjoy Britton’s Cornwall based tale.

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