Blogmas Day 8

Crafty Instagrammers

Welcome back to Writerly Bookish Stuff for Blogmas day 8. Today is all about crafty Instagrammers.

If you’re like me, you love Instagram for the visual, eye catching promotion it offers. I follow crafters for this very reason. You can get a glimpse at not only the finished creations, but the process and time that goes into the pieces.

This post is to highlight some talented Instagrammers, and perhaps give you some Christmas gift ideas.

Cornish Rose Crafts

Her bio reads: I live in Cornwall and make sun catchers and anything else that sparkles.

If you enjoy the pretty things in life, check out Cornish Rose Crafts.

Zoe Howarth Jewellery

Her bio reads: Inspired by the ocean and the blurred boundaries where the land meets the sea.

Zoe has a talent for handcrafting silver and makes gorgeous jewellery. I am the proud owner of some lovely pieces.

Sacred Wild Soul

Zoe Howarth also creates Oracle decks. Her Instagram feed for Sacred Wild Soul is so beautiful.

Her bio reads: Artist|Truth Seeker|Intuitive Soul

My Holly House

Her bio reads: My Holly House is a small business specialising in watercolour prints and handmade gifts.

If you need handmade or personalised prints and gifts keep My Holly House in mind.

Please note, her Etsy shop is temporarily closed, but this crafter is worth keeping note of for future gifts.

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Blogmas Day 7

Tree Tour

So, you’re back for day 7 of Blogmas on Writerly Bookish Stuff. Today is the day you get a tour of my tree. All that decoration shopping has paid off.

(Sound on)

We still have to put our new 2018 photos in the photo frames, because at the moment, we have pictures of randoms that came with the frames on our tree.

I hope you enjoyed my tree tour. It may not be as fancy as some you see, but we love it. It’ll look even better with presents under it on the 25th.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: It’s Christmas, Carol! by Sara-Lisa Anderson

It’s Christmas, Carol! by Sara-Lisa Anderson 3.5/5

Carol hates Christmas! As far as she is concerned, it is just another Thursday, just another day at work. But during her workday, between 4 PM and midnight on Christmas Day, she is haunted by the kindness of strangers and painful memories as she ponders the true meaning of Christmas – past, present and future.

Who is that man with the big white beard and the jolly laugh? And why does he care if Carol has a nice Christmas or not?


A Christmas tale with a strong moral about what the true meaning of Christmas is. There is an element of Christmas magic and finding Christmas spirit.

Carol has struggled with Christmas ever since her brother’s death as a child and her parent’s divorce the year after.

During her shift at work on Christmas day, she has a magical experience that encourages her to remember the good Christmases with her brother, and to see that christmas is what you make it with people you love.

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Blogmas Day 6

Poundland Christmas Haul

Blogmas day 6 on Writerly Bookish Stuff is similar to yesterday’s, but this post is to show you the items I bought at Poundland (UK). Yes, Poundland!

Who says you have to spend a fortune on decorations? I have visited my local Poundland store to prove that bigger price tags don’t necessarily equate to better items.

If you remember from my last post, I had only found one ornamental item that I liked. Well, I’ve now found 2 in poundland.

I also totally forgot to buy a tree topper to match our decorations. Yep, Poundland sorted me out there too.

I spent just £4 in total (obviously) on these items and I am very happy with them. They will look perfect with the rest of my haul. I could have spent much more, but I kept my head and only bought what I needed, or what would go with my colour scheme.

If your colour scheme is the traditional red, green, and gold, then get down to Poundland. There is a vast array to peruse. Other colours are harder to come by, but I’m sure you’ll find something that works.

I hope this post will make you think about checking out the cheaper options before splurging unnecessarily this Christmas. Hey, it’ll mean more money to spend on yourselves, right?

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Blogmas Day 5

Christmas Decoration Haul

Welcome back for Blogmas day 5 on Writerly Bookish Stuff. Today, I will show you my Christmas decoration haul.

We have changed our colour scheme this year. We have always had an ‘anything goes’ tree as my daughter picks a new decoration to hang every year, and they’re always big, bright, and sometimes, a little gaudy. My husband is a perfectionist, and our asymetrical, non-thematic design has always bothered him. He called it our monstrosi-tree. This year, he is much happier.

Why? Because this year, our daughter wants her own tree in her room with her chosen decorations. So, we have decided to take advantage of the situation and go for a gold, white, and silver theme in the lounge. Of course, we have kept our sentimental decorations, but it’s nice to finally have a theme, even if that means replacing everything.

So, without further ado…

We not only had to replace the tree decorations with white, gold, and silver, we also had to replace the ornamental decorations that we place around our lounge. I only found one ornamental item I really liked and that was the wooden quote sign. I am still on the look out for more.

For the first year ever we have bought a tree skirt. It’s still in the wrapper, but it matches are theme with neutral, muted colours.

Here are the links for where we bought our new decorations. We are just your average family with young kids, so everything on our tree is from the high street and very affordable.

The Range



Note: If you are changing your scheme, please do not bin your old decorations. There are plenty of charities and schemes that will take them. Research how you can donate Christmas decorations in your area.

I donated mine to the local nursery school my friend works at. They lost all their decorations to water damage.

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Blogmas Day 3

Christmas Craft Fayre Weekend

On the 1st and 2nd of December, our local theme park, Flambards, held their annual Christmas craft fayre. It feels like the season has officially started when the Christmas craft fayre comes around.

Local crafters have stalls positioned through the Victorian Villlage Museum and in various locations in the park. It looks so magical. See for yourself…

We tend not to spend a lot of money and simply go for the atmosphere and to see Santa, but my daughter did have her face painted and bought a Hufflepuff coaster for her bedroom. One thing we do always spend money on is the food stalls.

If you want to know the real reason why I go to the craft fayre… its churros. Only joking, well, I’m only half joking. Despite the rain, we made sure we got our hands on some Nutella filled churros. (Photo of me stuffing my face courtesy of my hubby.) Not only that, we also bought handmade cookies that were as big as my head.

What event or tradition kicks off the festive season for you?

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Blogmas Day 2

Etsy Gifts for Booklovers

Blogmas day 2 is here! I love making these posts because I basically get to online shop for things I like. I also like to keep it real and showcase handmade gifts that average, working class families can afford. None of the gifts I have found breach the £20 limit.

Under £5

Nika Charms and Gifts make and sell the most adorable bookmarks. My favourites are under £5. There is a £1.50 postage charge, but as the item itself is less than £5, I wanted to include it in this section.

As an alternative, bookmarks printed on cardstock are cheaper still.


Artisanal Ane creates beautiful Kindle sleeves to keep your Kindles safe and snug. A Kindle sleeve costs £7.50 with £1.50 postage.


Poppins and Co have so many stunning prints that booklovers will gush over. This Little Women quote is just £11.99 with free p&p to the UK.


Pretty Rose Home Decor make weighted, fabric bags that make nifty bookends. You can grab a pair for £17.50 and free p&p.

I hope these gifts have given you inspiration to buy a perfect gift for your loved one that won’t break the bank.

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