Blogmas Day 23

Last Minute Gift Hacks

There is only today and tomorrow to get your Christmas shopping finished. If you’re unable to get to the shops or need to save money, I’ve done some internet searching to find hacks that may help you out.

Toilet Roll Gift Boxes

In need of gift bags to hold sweets or gift cards? Have you thought of toilet rolls? Seriously, has made bog rolls look classy.

Pringle Tube Gift Box

Get baking and present your goodies in these nifty Pringle tubes. Jen grant Morris tells you how.

DIY Christmas Cards

Did you forget to buy a card for your Great Aunt? No worries, you can find a perfect example of a simple Christmas card DIY over at Beccy’s Place.

Cookies in a Jar

Do you have the basics in the pantry to make cookies? can show you how to make an attractive gift that old and young will enjoy.

Tea Trees

Everyone loves tea, right? Thirsty For Tea have a festive way to display tea bags and make a last minute gift for any tea lover.

I would be thrilled to receive any of the above. It may be a last minute, inexpensive gift, but it looks like effort has gone into each.

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Blogmas Day 21

Planning Ahead

Blogmas day 21 is all about 2019. Yep, we’re thinking ahead to next year’s plans, and more specifically… planners and organisers.

I’ve scoured the net for this years must have planners/organisers.

Zoella ‘I’ve Got a Plan’ Planner

Product Description:
Live the life you love with this collection of home and lifestyle products, designed just for you. The essential companion for organising your days and keeping you motivated to achieve your goals! Complete with stickers and motivational planning sections.

Busy B 2019 Planner

Product Description:

Meet your logistical lifesaver from Busy B.

This beautifully designed planner comes with handy pockets, stickers for important events, and a mini notebook for quick jotting. You’re now officially sorted!

Joules A5 2019 Diary

Product Description:

Everyone needs a diary to stay ahead of the organisation game. This A5 sized one features unique Joules prints that are a delight to discover as the year ticks on.

Symthson of Bond Street 2019 Wafer Diary

Product Description:
Small yet perfectly formed, our Panama Wafer Diary is the perfect choice for the minimalist on the move. Crafted from the Panama collection’s iconic cross-grain lambskin, it’s the smallest, most flexible diary within our range. This exquisite, compact leather diary is just the right size to stow away effortlessly in a bag or pocket.

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Blogmas Day 18

Pinterest Craft for Kids

You might have guessed from the title that my post for Blogmas day 18 is all about Pinterest crafts that kids can do. We’ve had many a Pinterest fail in our time, so to save you the drama, here is a tried and tested idea I found on Pinterest that my 8 year old found fun and simple.

Painted Candle Jar

Painted Candle Jars Pinterest Link This pin was saved from

Finished Product:

Not only are these gorgeous, they can be given as gifts. Another bonus, I didn’t need to buy a thing. I dug out old jars and paint from the garage. An old dish sponge gave it the dabbed effect. We even made our own stencils out of a piece of card.

Note: We used a light, gold paint and the design was hard to see, so we used permanent glass markers to outline them. If you use a darker paint this step won’t be necessary.

I recommend that you and your children have a go at this craft. We are giving ours as gifts to grandparents, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to receive them.

Are you giving handmade gifts this year?

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Blogmas Day 14

We Got Our Jingle On

Whilst procrastinating on Pinterest, I saw a fun idea that hasn’t really taken off in the UK…yet. ‘You’ve been Jingled’ is a great way to spread some Christmas cheer to friends and neighbours.

I told my daughter about it, and she begged me to start off a jingle train. Our targets… her besties.

We bought a gift bag and filled it with some treats. We made a little poem to explain the concept to the recipients and to encourage them to join in.

When you jingle someone you’re not supposed to be caught leaving the treats. As this was near impossible in our situation, us Mums had a chat before hand, but the children were none the wiser.

We had good fun doing this. It is always a bonus knowing we’ve put a smile on someone’s face too.

If you want to get your Jingle on, here is the poem we created:

‘You’ve Been Jingled!’

We wanted to spread some Christmas cheer,

After all it’s that time of year.

These goodies come from us to you,

With hope that you will do it too.

Leave your treats, but don’t get caught,

Show someone they’re in your thoughts.

Merry Christmas!

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Blogmas Day 9

Unisex Secret Santa Gift Ideas

There’s nothing worse than being a secret santa to someone you don’t really know, or someone who is hard to buy for. The small budget makes everything ten times harder. That is why I’ve taken it upon myself to find 5 unisex, secret santa gifts for under £10 each.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

This is such a simple, but elegant gift. Bonsai trees are suited to both male and female recipients.

Alcohol Brewing Kit

Alcohol is a go to secret santa present for the over 18s (UK). This kit is a little more thoughtful than just giving a bottle of wine.

Funny Quote Mug

If you want to go down the humourous route, this mug is the perfect secret santa gift. Who doesn’t want a new mug for work?

Desk Calendar

Do you work in an office? Desk calendars are the perfect unisex gift.

Self Stirring Mug

‘Not another mug gift’, I hear you cry. But just wait, this one not only looks like a camera lens, it self stirs!

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Blogmas Day 8

Crafty Instagrammers

Welcome back to Writerly Bookish Stuff for Blogmas day 8. Today is all about crafty Instagrammers.

If you’re like me, you love Instagram for the visual, eye catching promotion it offers. I follow crafters for this very reason. You can get a glimpse at not only the finished creations, but the process and time that goes into the pieces.

This post is to highlight some talented Instagrammers, and perhaps give you some Christmas gift ideas.

Cornish Rose Crafts

Her bio reads: I live in Cornwall and make sun catchers and anything else that sparkles.

If you enjoy the pretty things in life, check out Cornish Rose Crafts.

Zoe Howarth Jewellery

Her bio reads: Inspired by the ocean and the blurred boundaries where the land meets the sea.

Zoe has a talent for handcrafting silver and makes gorgeous jewellery. I am the proud owner of some lovely pieces.

Sacred Wild Soul

Zoe Howarth also creates Oracle decks. Her Instagram feed for Sacred Wild Soul is so beautiful.

Her bio reads: Artist|Truth Seeker|Intuitive Soul

My Holly House

Her bio reads: My Holly House is a small business specialising in watercolour prints and handmade gifts.

If you need handmade or personalised prints and gifts keep My Holly House in mind.

Please note, her Etsy shop is temporarily closed, but this crafter is worth keeping note of for future gifts.

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Blogmas Day 2

Etsy Gifts for Booklovers

Blogmas day 2 is here! I love making these posts because I basically get to online shop for things I like. I also like to keep it real and showcase handmade gifts that average, working class families can afford. None of the gifts I have found breach the £20 limit.

Under £5

Nika Charms and Gifts make and sell the most adorable bookmarks. My favourites are under £5. There is a £1.50 postage charge, but as the item itself is less than £5, I wanted to include it in this section.

As an alternative, bookmarks printed on cardstock are cheaper still.


Artisanal Ane creates beautiful Kindle sleeves to keep your Kindles safe and snug. A Kindle sleeve costs £7.50 with £1.50 postage.


Poppins and Co have so many stunning prints that booklovers will gush over. This Little Women quote is just £11.99 with free p&p to the UK.


Pretty Rose Home Decor make weighted, fabric bags that make nifty bookends. You can grab a pair for £17.50 and free p&p.

I hope these gifts have given you inspiration to buy a perfect gift for your loved one that won’t break the bank.

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