Blogmas Day 20

Charity Donation

As a family, we like to do something for charity at Christmas time. This year, we chose to fill a box with Christmas treats for our local foodbank.


That is the number of three-day emergency food supplies that Trussell Trust Foodbanks gave out between 2017-2018 in the UK.

Christmas is a particularly stressful time of year for families living in poverty. I did a little research and discovered that the foodbanks were in need of Christmas treats such as selection boxes and sweets for children. Of course, healthy meals are vitally important, but at Christmas time, it’s nice for families to have a treat too.

We chose a box that we felt we were realistically able to fill by the beginning of December, and then asked friends and family if they would donate just one item to our box. Everyone was so generous!

(Before and after pics)

The foodbank is a worthy, local cause, so we implore you to do the same for the foodbank in your area. Whether you collect a box of donations or put one item in a collection point. It is a worthwhile cause that can help your local community.

For a full list of items the food banks can use and information on how to donate click here.

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Blogmas Day 17

Santa Fun Run

Blogmas day 17 is a recount of an event we went to yesterday. Helston, Cornwall holds a Santa Fun Run every December, but this year was the first year we managed to get to it.

It wasn’t a massive affair, but it was all in the name of charity. A group of huskies even joined in. See for yourself:

My hubby is planning to join in with our kids next year.

Does your hometown do similar events at Christmastime? Do you participate in something totally wacky for charity?

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Blogmas Day 10

Donations not Cards

Blogmas day 10 is all about something I saw for the first time yesterday. is a site set up to stop people wasting money on cards and postage etc and to make a donation to charity instead. It is a great way to cut down recycling and help charities.

It’s such a simple yet ingenious concept. You pick your charity, choose how much you would have spent on cards, compose an ecard with your message of choice, pay via card or paypal (the money goes straight to that charity), and then send up to 100 ecards to friends and family.

Unfortunately, I have already sent Christmas cards this year, and I have given to charity, but this is a must for me next Christmas. I would also be thrilled to see that someone I know has donated to charity in lew of giving me a card.

I just had to share!

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