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Character Dialogue: Cutting The Fluff

I have a new character straight off the bat in book three. This character was ‘properly’ introduced to the narrative at the very end of EVO Shift. I love this character, and have great things planned for them, but their dialogue hasn’t been gelling with the image/ idea in my head. I’ve re-read certain chapters time and time again to try and figure out what was so… off. I never usually re-read during drafting, so this alone told me that I needed to sort this ASAP. I couldn’t move forward without finding their true voice and it was frustrating to say the least.


I was re-reading for the millionth time, when out of the blue I highlighted the last sentence of a piece of their dialogue and pressed delete. I moved to their next line of dialogue, read through, highlighted two sentences, and again, pressed delete. Something was happening… yep, their voice rang clear in my head. It was a kind voice, a wise voice, and a voice that would be to the point. I just had to cut the fluff- the gumph- the dead weight. Basically, I had to cut the bullshit.

They have their voice! *Inwardly screams ‘YAAASSSSSSS’*

hell yeah

This one is under my skin and I don’t want to let them down. I’m so relieved that I can finally get back on the drafting train with a clear voice in my mind. After all, this is the series finale and it’s the strong voices who WILL be heard…

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