Update 26/10/28


October, where have you gone?

Along with planning a Harry Potter party for my daughter in November, a chest infection, weaning my baby, and reading, I have managed some writing sessions. I didn’t reach massive word counts, but I’m back in the swing of it, especially now I have started drafting on my phone. Why didn’t I think to do this before?

You never know, I might have a WIP teaser to share in November’s update…


Once again, it has been a month of short reads. Big reads need time and investment- I have neither. However, I hit my 40 books Goodreads challenge this month.

Here are the links to my October reads:

What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

Book Idea Generator by James Green

Virus the Unknown by Larry Finhouse

Kindle Income by Alex Foster


Just yesterday I hit a fantastic milestone! 500 followers. I’m so grateful to all my new and old followers for clicking that follow button for my little, ol’ blog.

What’s Coming Up?

Oh, you mean apart from my daughter’s birthday and getting ready for Christmas? Yes, you did hear me right. Christmas is just around the corner, so much so our town’s Christmas lights turn on is Nov 30th, and guess what? We put our decs up when the lights are turned on. It has become a bit of a tradition. Not forgetting, I have a 2nd child now, and in this house that means a 2nd elf has to come and stay from December 1st.

I’m also sorting my children’s advent calendars in November. Last year, I made a lucky dip for my daughter. This year, both kids are getting 24 books- one a day until Christmas eve. No, they’re not brand new books. Charity shop books have the same stories in them 😉, and cost a fraction of the price.

Other than that, I hope to get in a few more decent writing sessions, and I’m planning some different blog posts for the New Year.

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Hamster Mum

I thought it was about time I did a little catch up post on how our two dwarf hamsters, Lavender and Juno, are doing now they have been a part of our family for nearly three months.

This was them three months ago, sharing a cage and enjoying a gnawing stick like siblings should:

This is them now:

Yep, about two weeks after we got them, the little terrors started fighting something chronic. At midnight, Mr.O woke me because there was a horrible squealing sound coming from the lounge. Upon inspection, we found that Lavender and Juno were knocking seven bells out of each other and poor Juno had a cut under her chin. We were informed to separate them immediately because once they start getting territorial and fighting they will in fact fight to the death, something we would rather not explain to our four year old.

So, now I have double the cages to clean, double the bedding to buy, and double the noisy hamster wheels turning from when we go to bed to when we wake up. However, it isn’t all bad. Since being separated, both hamsters have come out of their shells. The timid one, Juno, who came off worse from the fighting is much more relaxed around us and is no longer a quivering mess every time we put our hands in the cage. And Lavender is still Lavender and is getting a little porky if truth be told.

We’ve grown extremely attached to the little critters. They provide me with an audience as I write EVO Shift in the evening, although, I’m pretty sure they’re just eyeing me up for a piece of radish or blueberry. It’s amazing how quickly we have all settled into a routine, and it’s hard to imagine what we did before we got them.

The cleaning of cages and feeding novelty has worn off for our daughter (not that she could do it by herself), so the duty of care has yet again fallen on my shoulders, hence why I think I have earned the title of Hamster Mum!