Blogmas Day 24

It’s the last day of Blogmas, folks! I hope you have enjoyed the last 23 days as much as I have. However, I still have one more post for you today.

We’re Cake Decorating Cheats

I am a total amateur when it comes to baking. My husband is the go to cake baker in our house, but this year we left it late and didn’t have the time to bake.

The best part of cake making is the decorating, although, I’m not awesome at that either. So, I had an idea to buy a cake to decorate with icing pens and cake toppers. If you’re going to cheat do it properly, right?

For the final post, I thought I’d share our family cake decorating results. I am not a fruit cake fan, so we bought a festive favourite… yule log.

My daughter didn’t mind that we cheated. It was still a fun activity for her. We may not have had a lot of time, but she made something she is proud of.

(The back piece is cut and un-decorated because my husband isn’t a fan of the icing pens. We like to accommodate everyone.)

All that is left to say is merry Christmas for tomorrow, and I shall be back in the New Year!

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