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Review: Tipsy by C.J. Hunt


Tipsy (The MacAllisters #2) by C.J. Hunt 5/5

6tag_031217-205617When old secrets and new passions come home to Rivers End…

LUCAS HEYES is a man with a plan. Move back to Rivers End. Fix his broken relationship with his ex-brother-in-law Isaac MacAllister, and be a good uncle to his niece Sara. Oh, and open Higher Ground—the coffee shop he’s been dreaming about for years. There’s only one hitch: Shannon MacAllister—Isaac’s younger sister—is back in town too, and living across the hall from him. Apparently, his time away did nothing to temper his feelings for her. After what happened five years ago, he’s sworn never to keep secrets from the MacAllisters again. Will Shannon convince him to break that promise and keep what they have between them a secret?

SHANNON MACALLISTER has one wish: to get kissed on New Year’s by a man nothing like her fiancé—make that ex-fiancé—before she tackles a new chapter in her life back in her hometown. She gets her wish. But along with it comes a whole whack of complicated. Her body wants Lucas, but her mind can’t help pointing out that while he’s sexy as hell, he’s a liar, and she’s not about to go back to that place. It’s bad enough that they share a family as well as an apartment building. The MacAllisters went through hell once before because of the Heyes family. Will Shannon trust enough to open her heart and risk trying again?


I am now a huge C.J. Hunt fan. Book One, Silver Bells, was not just a fluke of narrative. I utterly enjoyed Tipsy and plan to catch up on the rest of Hunt’s books as a result. It’s great to find a romance author I totally dig. The writing is believable, and the character arcs handled well. Insta love doesn’t feel like insta love, and happy ever afters are hinted at. I love a good happy ever after.

The backstory between Shannon and Lucas was touched upon in book one, so their blossoming romance is far from out of the blue. The awkward beginnings are true to book one and make the whole ‘getting together’ all the more worthwhile.

If you haven’t read any C.J. Hunt books yet, and are a romance fan, then what are you waiting for?

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