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Book Review: Blood of the Dragon by Sarina Langer

Blood of the Dragon by Sarina Langer 5/5

My Review:

*my review is based on the beta copy.

Sarina Langer has completed her trilogy and it has been great to be able to follow not only Langer but her characters on their journey.

Story arcs for Rachael and the sub-characters have naturally been tied up (many in the exact way I wanted). *No spoilers. They really have been set in motion through book one, nutured further in book two, and cemented in book three.

The world building is still as impressive as ever, and the magic, language, and history still as rich.

If you have followed the trilogy, then this final instalment is incredibly satisfying. If you haven’t started the Relics of Ar’zac series, then you really should!

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