Blogmas Day 24

It’s the last day of Blogmas, folks! I hope you have enjoyed the last 23 days as much as I have. However, I still have one more post for you today.

We’re Cake Decorating Cheats

I am a total amateur when it comes to baking. My husband is the go to cake baker in our house, but this year we left it late and didn’t have the time to bake.

The best part of cake making is the decorating, although, I’m not awesome at that either. So, I had an idea to buy a cake to decorate with icing pens and cake toppers. If you’re going to cheat do it properly, right?

For the final post, I thought I’d share our family cake decorating results. I am not a fruit cake fan, so we bought a festive favourite… yule log.

My daughter didn’t mind that we cheated. It was still a fun activity for her. We may not have had a lot of time, but she made something she is proud of.

(The back piece is cut and un-decorated because my husband isn’t a fan of the icing pens. We like to accommodate everyone.)

All that is left to say is merry Christmas for tomorrow, and I shall be back in the New Year!

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Blogmas Day 23

Last Minute Gift Hacks

There is only today and tomorrow to get your Christmas shopping finished. If you’re unable to get to the shops or need to save money, I’ve done some internet searching to find hacks that may help you out.

Toilet Roll Gift Boxes

In need of gift bags to hold sweets or gift cards? Have you thought of toilet rolls? Seriously, has made bog rolls look classy.

Pringle Tube Gift Box

Get baking and present your goodies in these nifty Pringle tubes. Jen grant Morris tells you how.

DIY Christmas Cards

Did you forget to buy a card for your Great Aunt? No worries, you can find a perfect example of a simple Christmas card DIY over at Beccy’s Place.

Cookies in a Jar

Do you have the basics in the pantry to make cookies? can show you how to make an attractive gift that old and young will enjoy.

Tea Trees

Everyone loves tea, right? Thirsty For Tea have a festive way to display tea bags and make a last minute gift for any tea lover.

I would be thrilled to receive any of the above. It may be a last minute, inexpensive gift, but it looks like effort has gone into each.

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Blogmas Day 22

Leftover Turkey Recipes

I know this post is technically for after Christmas, but it’s not too early to start thinking about leftover turkey. There’s no need to waste a scrap if you forward plan.

Here are 5 recipe links to use up leftover turkey:

Fiesta Turkey Soup has a scrummy soup recipe. If you want a little spice on Boxing Day, this recipe is for you.

Turkey Carnitas has a recipe to transform your turkey into juicy, crispy shreds that are similar to carnitas.

Turkey Quesadillas has probably my favourite recipe in this list. Quesadillas would make a perfect Boxing Day dinner in my opinion.

Turkey Stock

Even the carcass doesn’t have to go to waste with’s recipe for making yummy stock to use in various recipes.

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Do you have guests on Boxing day? Have a big pot of’s turkey chili on the go to feed many on a budget.

I hope something tickles your fancy. These recipes are just a few I have picked out. The list is endless. Let’s vow not to waste food this Christmastime.

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Blogmas Day 21

Planning Ahead

Blogmas day 21 is all about 2019. Yep, we’re thinking ahead to next year’s plans, and more specifically… planners and organisers.

I’ve scoured the net for this years must have planners/organisers.

Zoella ‘I’ve Got a Plan’ Planner

Product Description:
Live the life you love with this collection of home and lifestyle products, designed just for you. The essential companion for organising your days and keeping you motivated to achieve your goals! Complete with stickers and motivational planning sections.

Busy B 2019 Planner

Product Description:

Meet your logistical lifesaver from Busy B.

This beautifully designed planner comes with handy pockets, stickers for important events, and a mini notebook for quick jotting. You’re now officially sorted!

Joules A5 2019 Diary

Product Description:

Everyone needs a diary to stay ahead of the organisation game. This A5 sized one features unique Joules prints that are a delight to discover as the year ticks on.

Symthson of Bond Street 2019 Wafer Diary

Product Description:
Small yet perfectly formed, our Panama Wafer Diary is the perfect choice for the minimalist on the move. Crafted from the Panama collection’s iconic cross-grain lambskin, it’s the smallest, most flexible diary within our range. This exquisite, compact leather diary is just the right size to stow away effortlessly in a bag or pocket.

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Blogmas Day 20

Charity Donation

As a family, we like to do something for charity at Christmas time. This year, we chose to fill a box with Christmas treats for our local foodbank.


That is the number of three-day emergency food supplies that Trussell Trust Foodbanks gave out between 2017-2018 in the UK.

Christmas is a particularly stressful time of year for families living in poverty. I did a little research and discovered that the foodbanks were in need of Christmas treats such as selection boxes and sweets for children. Of course, healthy meals are vitally important, but at Christmas time, it’s nice for families to have a treat too.

We chose a box that we felt we were realistically able to fill by the beginning of December, and then asked friends and family if they would donate just one item to our box. Everyone was so generous!

(Before and after pics)

The foodbank is a worthy, local cause, so we implore you to do the same for the foodbank in your area. Whether you collect a box of donations or put one item in a collection point. It is a worthwhile cause that can help your local community.

For a full list of items the food banks can use and information on how to donate click here.

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Blogmas Day 19

Christmas Film Review

To be honest, this post was purely so I could binge watch Christmas films with the family. Spending a day in pyjamas with the curtains shut is totally fine when you can say ‘it’s for blogmas day 19’.

The Polar Express

5*! What is there not to love about this film? Christmas spirit, belief, and Tom Hanks. The magic of Christmas is captured in this film. It’s a perfect watch if you have children of a certain age asking those dreaded questions about Santa.

The Nativity 1

4*! This is a feel good film for adults and kids alike. Who doesn’t like a light-hearted Martin Freeman film. My daughter loves this film. Mr.Poppy was a huge hit in my house.

Love Actually

5*! I watch this film every year! The highs and lows of Christmas are perfectly captured in the different story arcs. Obviously, this is not one for kids, but a great film to watch with mates or the significant other.

Arthur Christmas

5*! This is feel good and hilarious. One of my absolute favourites. They even bring my home county of Cornwall into it. Perfect! Kids and adults can appreciate this gem.

What are your favourite festive films?

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Blogmas Day 18

Pinterest Craft for Kids

You might have guessed from the title that my post for Blogmas day 18 is all about Pinterest crafts that kids can do. We’ve had many a Pinterest fail in our time, so to save you the drama, here is a tried and tested idea I found on Pinterest that my 8 year old found fun and simple.

Painted Candle Jar

Painted Candle Jars Pinterest Link This pin was saved from

Finished Product:

Not only are these gorgeous, they can be given as gifts. Another bonus, I didn’t need to buy a thing. I dug out old jars and paint from the garage. An old dish sponge gave it the dabbed effect. We even made our own stencils out of a piece of card.

Note: We used a light, gold paint and the design was hard to see, so we used permanent glass markers to outline them. If you use a darker paint this step won’t be necessary.

I recommend that you and your children have a go at this craft. We are giving ours as gifts to grandparents, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to receive them.

Are you giving handmade gifts this year?

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Blogmas Day 17

Santa Fun Run

Blogmas day 17 is a recount of an event we went to yesterday. Helston, Cornwall holds a Santa Fun Run every December, but this year was the first year we managed to get to it.

It wasn’t a massive affair, but it was all in the name of charity. A group of huskies even joined in. See for yourself:

My hubby is planning to join in with our kids next year.

Does your hometown do similar events at Christmastime? Do you participate in something totally wacky for charity?

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Blogmas Day 16

No Bake Foodie Gift

What is in store for you on Blogmas day 16? Well… I have a simple no bake treat idea that will cost no more than a few pounds and will make teachers, classmates, colleagues, and secret santas very happy.

Foodie gifts look great when presented in cellophane baggies. Here’s a link to the ones I purchased on Amazon for less than £2. Cellophane Baggies.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

This idea is incredibly simple yet effective. Kids especially love melting these into a mug of hot milk.

What you will need:

Spoons: You can use any spoons of your choice.

Chocolate: I like to do milk chocolate for kids. You can go rich and dark for adults.

Baby marshmallows: This is optional. You can use festive sprinkles.


Melt the chocolate. I do mine in the microwave. Heat on a medium heat for 1 minute. Stir well, and then heat for 20 second intervals. Do not rush this stage or you’ll end up with grainy, clumpy chocolate.

Lay your spoons on a baking tray and fill with your melted chocolate. (See picture above.)

Top with the marshmallows or sprinkles.

Place the tray in the fridge until the chocolate sets.

Once set, remove from the fridge and place a spoon or two in a cellophane baggie and tie with a ribbon. You can also add a gift tag that says ‘stir into hot milk’.

(Picture from Blogmas day 14)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Time restraints don’t have to stop us making treats or getting crafty with the kids this Christmas. Also, if you are on a tight budget, I’m sure your loved ones will appreciate these foodie gifts.

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Blogmas Day 15

Etsy Christmas Jumpers

I have found 5 Christmas jumpers on Etsy that I think would make brilliant party pieces or gifts.

The Shed Outlet have a brilliant Drake jumper for £19.95.

Bachelorette Shirt stock the must have Buddy the Elf jumper. This is one of my favourites because I like gaudy and festive.

The winter vibe is strong in Game of Thrones, so Print Bar are right on the money with this jumper.

PRZM Creations have an awesome Grinch jumper for sale. This is a close second to the Elf jumper for me.

Any Peaky Blinders fans out there? Here’s a blinder of a jumper from AC Print Workers.

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