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Have Your Say: What Blog Series Do You want To See?

Guess what? I’m already planning my third blog series of the year. I’m only half way through posting the first series, Prompt Me, but I am a person who likes to prep and schedule ahead of time.

I have a few ideas that I’m batting around, but it occurred to me that the best people to ask about what content they want to see are my followers.

Is there a specific post you like to see on my blog i.e. my writing exercise posts, or more bookish posts. Do you enjoy more posts about my own books, or writerly tip shares?

Get in touch and let me know. I would love to tailor my posts accordingly.

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Writing Exercises

Prompt Me…

I have just finished drafting and scheduling the last two of my ‘Ten Weeks, Ten prompts, Ten Minutes’ writing exercises, and I have to admit I’m feeling a little downcast that it has come to an end. I enjoyed the writing exercises, and it was a nice respite from working on EVO Shift.

I was brainstorming some more prompt ideas when I had a brainwave. What is the best way to allow me to be interactive and to work on prompts that are fresh and new to me? I shall ask my blogging community to create prompts for me.

That is, if you want to, of course…

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Post a prompt you are happy for me to use in the comments below. (Please only offer original prompts).
  2. I will expand on the prompt in ten minutes and post one every Tuesday in a ‘Prompt Me’ post. (Starting Tuesday 10th Nov).
  3. If I use your prompt I will tag you in the post with a link to your blog.
  4. If you want to play along, let me know and I will create a prompt for you too.

Whether it is an intriguing sentence, dialogue, or a unique photo, I’m happy to receive all suggestions.

Find K.J.Chapman’s original prompts: here

Writing and Me

Fifty Blog Post Ideas For Writers

I have had a request for blog post ideas from a friend and fellow writer who wants to start up their own blog, and build a web platform for themselves and their debut novel. I have been compiling a list of both writing related and personal post ideas since I started blogging, and I am more than happy to share:

  1. Introduction post: about you, your passions, your goals.
  2. A day in the life.
  3. Quotes of the week/ day/ month.
  4. Tip share: share tips you use when writing.
  5. Book reviews.
  6. Word count updates: show your progress on your current work.
  7. Writing space: describe/ photograph your writing space.
  8. Sneak Peeks: What’s in your handbag? What’s in the boot of your car? What’s in your fridge?
  9. Interview a fellow blogger.
  10. Be interviewed by a fellow blogger.
  11. Interview a professional on a topic you want to discuss.
  12. First chapter of your novel: drum up some interest.
  13. Writing routine: rituals you have to do before you can settle in for a writing session.
  14. How to balance work/home life with writing.
  15. Six word story writing exercises.
  16. Allergic to the letter ‘E’ challenge.
  17. 5/10/15 minutes flash writing exercises.
  18. Writing playlist: what do you listen to when writing and/or planning?
  19. Paper books or eBooks debate.
  20. To plan or not to plan.
  21. Character Interview: pick a character from your novel and interview them for fun.
  22. Shout out to your top five book review blogs.
  23. Shout out to your top five poetry blogs.
  24. Shout out to your top five writer’s blogs.
  25. Dream cast for your novel.
  26. Pros and Cons of self-publishing.
  27. Gift ideas for bookworms.
  28. Daily/ weekly/ monthly inspiration- photo, poem, song lyrics etc.
  29. Top five books of all time.
  30. Life goals: 1/5/10 years time.
  31. Top five writing distractions.
  32. How to cure writer’s block.
  33. Book blurb: promote your novel.
  34. Overcoming self-doubt post.
  35. Three ways I would change the world post.
  36. Thank a fellow blogger for their support of your blog.
  37. How do you tackle editing?
  38. How do you tackle self-promotion?
  39. Creating characters post.
  40. Pen and paper vs. computer writing.
  41. Your most important tool as a writer.
  42. How to use social media to your advantage as a writer?
  43. 20 pointless questions about me post.
  44. Your favourite childhood book.
  45. Top five literary heroines and heroes.
  46. Top five literary antagonists.
  47. Dreams journals/ notebooks/ diaries: do you keep any? Are they useful?
  48. Dealing with rejection.
  49. Useful books for aspiring authors: writing tips and tricks books.
  50. Importance of libraries.

Content belongs to KJ.Chapman