Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #14

Last week was a little strange, and this week has been a little hectic. My daughter turned five on Thursday… How do I have a five year old little human? The week was consumed with present buying, party organising, and endless questions of, ‘how many sleeps is it until my birthday?’

We planned a party with her close friends after school, and that I would sort the last minute details whilst Sophie was at school… no such luck. Sophie woke in the night with a temperature and a hideous cough. In the morning she had totally lost her voice, and I had to call her in absent at school. She still had her party, but was off school on Friday too. I could have done with Friday to myself to recover. Two days down with zero words written.

On Saturday morning, we heard the horrid news about the terrorism attacks in Paris. I couldn’t concentrate on my WIP with keeping an eye on the news and the aftermath. I chose not to post anything other than condolences and messages of love on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday. Anything else would have felt inappropriate to me.

This week’s word count reflects my lack of writing time and concentration. My most productive writing days were Monday and Sunday morning.

3256 Words

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress:

Scrambling to my feet, I run up behind Boss, pull the small blade from his thigh, and stab it into his neck. Cooper rolls out from beneath him as he falls onto his stomach with blood pumping from his neck like a fountain. The knowing in his eyes is chilling. He knows he is dying and that I am the one who killed him. It feels like time has slowed, but it only takes a split second for the life to leave him.

I’d like to express my sorrow, horror, devastation, and sympathy for France at this horrific time, and I’d like to offer my love. Remember that love is something that terrorism can never affect. Unite and offer love because that’s the solid rock of
humanity, not fear and hate.

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

I do not own the rights to the images featured in this post.

100% K.J Chapman

Friday Fun: Gifts of a Writer and Geek

Last Saturday, I entered into the last year of my twenties. I literally woke up and thought, ‘how the hell did that happen?’ I remember celebrating my eighteenth just last year… surely… no, eleven years ago… WOW.

I quickly got over the shock of my disappearing youth when I opened my gifts. I was truly spoilt throughout the day, but I think this picture captures the writer and geek in me. My friends and family know me too well.

Dr Who and Potter fans will appreciate my excitement at opening these beauties. My love of notebooks has now meshed with my love of Potter thanks to Mr O and my daughter. They can also be thanked for the snitch necklace (it is quite heavy, so we plan on turning it into a Christmas tree ornament), and the coolest alarm clock EVER! I get woken by the sound of the Tardis, and I can press a little button and have the time illuminated on my ceiling… <I’m like a pig in shit>.

My Tardis salt and pepper shakers are NOT to be used, and have pride of place on my kitchen window sill beside my chicken calendar. Other people may shake their heads, or call me immature, but I say, ‘my house, my stuff, my life, my business.’

If you have an inner geek, let it loose! It’s more fun that way, I promise.