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Getting To Know Me Tag!


I do love a good tag! Thanks to Mollie over at Mollie’s Musings for thinking of me. If you have not checked out Mollie’s blog, and you love everything writerly, bookish, cute, inspirational, and down right fabulous, then head on over and give her a follow!

This tag is self explanatory, so without further ado…

What is your middle name?

Technically, I don’t have one. My first name is hyphenated: Kayleigh-Jane.

What was your favourite subject at school?

English Lit and media studies.

What is your favourite drink?


Favourite food?

Devil’s Food Cake.

What is the last thing you bought?

For me, personally, I bought a shirt in the charity/ thrift shop. The very last thing I bought was a Tsum Tsum for my daughter. She collects the weird, little, wastes of money. Seriously, google them, they’re bizarre.

Is there anything I should know?

I developed hayfever this summer. My eyeball jelly swelled up and everything! (I have no idea what you actually call that stuff.)

Favourite colour?


Do you have any pets?

I have two dwarf hamsters called Lavender and Juno. They tried to kill each other, so now live in separate cages.

We also seem to collect garden snails. My daughter has a thing for making habitats, and tries to bring snails into the house. She found loads in my Nana’s garden, put them in a pot with grass and leaves, and left them in her kitchen- yep, they were in her fruit bowl in no time.


Favourite Perfume?

Hugo Boss Woman, but at the moment I’m wearing Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur.

What was the last picture you took on your phone?


My hubby and our daughter rockpooling. They caught fish, shrimp, and sea snails. After a few pics, they’re all safely back in their pools.

Do you speak any other languages?

Hmmm? If I got lost in Spain I wouldn’t starve, but I’m not fluent.

How many siblings do you have?

I have one brother and two sisters. My sisters are half sisters, but I don’t call them that because they’re not half of anything in my eyes! I’m the eldest, and my fourteen year old sister thinks I’m ancient.

What is your favourite shop?

Book shops!!! My hubby would say charity shops because I just can’t walk by one without going in.

Favourite Restaurant?

Locally, we have a restaurant called BooKoos and they do the best burgers EVER. However, a short drive away, there is a farm called Roskillys. Roskillys has petting animals, nature trails, a restaurant that serves meat that has been reared on the farm, and they do the best ice cream in Cornwall!

What phone do you have?

Lumia something or other… I’m not really up on phones. It rings and texts, so I know that it works. I have a tardis phone case, though.

How tall are you?

I think I’m 5ft8 ish.

Can you cook?


Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Three times that I remember. My mum recalls some others. The most prominent memory is when my uncle was spinning me around by the wrists like Superman, and as he lowered my to the floor I knelt on a dying bee- ouch!

What is your best childhood memory?

I’m lucky to have many:

*Sliding down the stairs on a duvet with my brother.

*Boogie boarding at the beach.

*Going jumping (Jumping is the simple term we Cornish use for jumping from rocks and walls into the sea). We did it safely of course.

*Biking through the woods.

How can I not have great memories? I live here:


How would your friends describe you?

Monica! Not only do I love making lists and organising, I also get Hagrid hair in humid weather.


Watch TV or read?


Ebook of Paperback?

I have no preference. If I read an eBook and love it, then I will buy the paperback for my collection.

Plane or Train?

Train, but only because I have been on more trains in my life than planes.

What is your definition of family?


Why did you choose to be a writer?

I was born this way, baby!

Thanks again to Mollie for tagging me.











Author Interviews

Interview With Linda Osborne, Founder of Tots Tune Time


Today’s author interview is a little different. I am joined by Linda Osborne, the founder of Tots Tune Time.

Linda uses her writing and creative talent in an educational way: writing songs and poems for pre-schoolers. Linda holds nursery groups in her local community, encouraging learning and exercise within young children in fun, energetic sessions based around her songs. But that is not the end of Linda’s objective. Her material has been requested and used by teachers and parents for many years, and Linda has been making big strides forward in plans to get her educational products into more schools and other child based community organisations on a wider scale, and has many products available for consumer purchase. Click here to view Tots Tune Products.

Check out one of Linda’s fun, educational videos:

1. Where did the idea for Tots Tune Time stem from?

 My passion for dance, music and my love of working with young kids inspired me.

2. Have you always had a passion for writing poetry/ songs?

After writing a short song at the request of a local nursery, I discovered a new interest. I now have quite a collection and was encouraged by the enthusiastic response of kids and teachers.

3. What inspires your songs and poems?

I keep a notepad with me all the time. I write about topics that kids can learn from. I love to write to activate imagination. I try and look at things through a child’s eyes. What would I love to listen to? I’d want to learn, laugh and be inspired.

4. What is it about writing for children that motivates you?

Their innocence, their ability to absorb information, their laughter (I love to inject humour into my writing) and their honesty.

5. Do you have a writing routine?

No. I always have new ideas so I keep a notepad with me and write things down.

6. What’s next for Tots Tune Time?

Keep creating and expanding. Sell preschool products online (http://www.totstunepreschoolproducts.com/). Raise funds to professionally film classes to be made available online. Look into franchising Tots’ Tune Time.

If you are interested in any of Linda’s products, you can find more on Tots Tune Time here:

Official Webpage



For use of any images or excerpts featured in this post, please seek permission from the author/ creator, Linda Osborne.


100% K.J Chapman

Baring Your Soul Tag

I was tagged by Holly Evans to answer her ‘Baring Your Soul’ post questions. This tag has been created by Holly herself. Head on over to check out Holly’s blog.

Carry on reading if you want a little insight into the life of KJ…


  • What’s your biggest fear?

Losing someone I love. Oh, and moths. I hate those winged, buggy freaks.

  • What’s your happiest memory?

I have two. The day my daughter, Sophie, was born, and the day I married my childhood sweetheart.

  • What’s your five year plan?

Writing related: Completing my EVO Nation series, and the second series I have in the works.

  • What’s your favourite non-sexual intimate contact?

I like a good hug. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they hug.

  • What’s your dream date- money no issue?

Going to see the Aurora Borealis. I desperately want to see it. I know the hubby would love it too.

  • What’s your song?

I’ve never really thought about it. I guess, everyone’s song should be ‘I am what I am’ by Shirley Bassey. Check out the song here.

  • What’s the most amazing thing someone has said about you?

On my hen night we played the Mr & Mrs game. My hens had pre-asked my hubby questions, and then I had to guess his answers correctly. They asked him to pick one word to describe his wife to be. I chose bubbley, but no, he chose perfect. Needless to say there was a resounding ‘Awwwwwww’ as all the women in the room melted. *blushes*

  • If you could have any possible super power, what would you chose?

I have answered a similar question to this before, and the answer is still the same. The ability to bring my characters to life.

  • What’s your guilty pleasure film?

Dirty dancing EVERY time.

  • What’s your best physical feature?

I always get uncomfortable answering these sorts of questions. I’d say my eyes, but my hubby always says my smile. The best smiles end in the eyes, anyhow.

  • If you could be remembered for one personality trait, what would you want that to be?

Kindness. If this was Divergent, I’d be in Amity.

  • What are your non-writing/book related hobbies?

Spending time with the family. If I’m not writing, I’m being Mummy and wife. We are always out on rambles, discovering new walks and beaches etc. The joys of living in Cornwall, England.

  • What does an ideal night out look like to you?

Meal and/or cinema, followed by a night of drinks and dancing.

  • What’s the biggest risk you ever took- did it pay off?

I lost my job (a job I hated and where I was made to cry on more than one occasion). So, I needed a new job urgently. I applied for the only vacancy available in my area- health care worker. I got the job, started work, and absolutely loved it. It was supposed to be temporary, but I was there for nearly four years until I had my daugther. I made it to Senior Carer (supervisor). I’d have never known how rewarding that type of job could be if I didn’t make that call.

I’m not sure who has been tagged in this tag, so I shall offer an open invitation to anyone who wants to join in. Remember to link back to Holly’s original tag when you do.