EVO Shift

EVO Shift Editing Update #4

giphynervesThe advanced reader copies have been sent to their patient recipients. Thank you to those of you who are reading and reviewing EVO Shift as I type this. That sentence strikes fear into the heart of me… please like my baby. It really has been a labour of love.

Stage #3 went as well as could be hoped for. My proof-reader delivered her amendment recommendations and I have straightened everything out. No doubt some have seeped through the cracks, but hey ho, I’m ready to go!

Now, I am cracking on with stage #4- formatting. This is important because self-published ebooks need certain formatting specs, so they translate to all devices properly. I like hyperlinked chapters when reading ebooks, so I shall be spending tonight doing exactly that.

This is the final excerpt that I will share with you before the release of EVO Shift:

One hour turns to two and Bo hasn’t spoken a word for the entire journey. I fidget in my seat, much to Cooper’s annoyance. We lost sight of Leoni and Kesh’s van about an hour ago. Clearly their driver isn’t such a wet blanket as ours. Jesus, just being in the presence of these people makes me mean. I’m sure it’s an illness. Or there is the alternative- this shit is rubbing off on me.

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