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CampNaNo Update: Week One


Seven days down and 10,843 words written. How I managed it is beyond me. This week has been hectic: my daughter’s sports day on Monday, she ran the Race for Life on Tuesday, and the car got a flat and I had to catch the bus everywhere (unnecessarily I might add.) I thought I didn’t have a spare tyre, only to find out that it’s an under the car, hiding from sight spare tyre. Who attaches a tyre to the underneath of a car?! At least my Dad and husband got a good laugh out of it. On top of that, I had to finish reading an ARC in time for release day, and sort out end of school teacher’s gifts.

tired fall

On the bright side, my cabin mates are great, and I’m kind of glad I signed up late, otherwise I wouldn’t have joined this cabin of talented writers who like to chat as much as I do. It’s also nice to hear that I’m not the only one who has bum days.

Anyway, I start another week with a working car, and not so many sports related events to attend. If I hit another 10k, I will be 2/3 done!!

Here’s an excerpt from this weeks work:

The bird calls start again, and orbs of ethereal, white smoke appear, darting like comets through the glade. I count eight at a glance. Each wisp comes to a stop, evenly spaced out in a circle around us, and then transforms into a figure in a white gown.

I almost fall over my own feet in fright. The figures are female with hair as white as snow. The Coven. Lissa bows her head to the women and steps aside. One woman, with an impressive build and strong face, steps forward. Her straight hair reaches the backs of her knees and moves like a silk curtain.

“Princess Ezrahli,” she says, bowing her head to me. “Prince Reed.” She does the same to Reed. I’m still not accustomed to hearing Reed addressed as a Prince. “We have been expecting you. I’m Magdarra, I head The Coven.”

Staring in awe at the women surrounding us, I search for a feeling of unease that Lissa said I would be able to sense. There is nothing threatening about the women, they do not have aggressive stances or deceitful faces, if anything, they look serene- indifferent.

“I understand your wariness, Princess, but we can assure you that you are safe here. We mean you no harm.”

“You are not Yarnarian,” I say, studying every twitch, blink, and wrinkle on her face.

“No. I am Olysean. We are a varied bunch.”

“And Reed is welcome?”

Magdarra smiles, and some of the women chuckle lightly. “Prince Reed is very welcome. We are not the men haters that the fables would have people believe. I will explain more when we get back to the safety of home. It is not wise to linger outside of our perimeters for long.”

“Protection spells,” Reed states.

“Yes, Your Majesty. We are many, and when our spells work in harmony with each other, not even Lyerdith can breach our defences.” Magdarra places a reassuring hand on Reed’s shoulder. “But currently, we are not within our defences, and I have to insist that we wait no longer. Take my hand.”

Her hand is cool and frail, with an angular feeling from where her bones jut out beneath papery skin. Reed takes her free hand, albeit a little reluctantly, and then it feels as if the world has fallen away from me. It lasts only seconds, but an acidic taste of vomit floods my mouth. I manage to fight away the urge, but Reed succumbs, lurching to his knees to vomit in the vivid grass.

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A Change to the Word Count Weekly Posts

I am at the final stages of my first draft of EVO Shift, so my writing time has stepped up a notch, and when I team that with my writing exercise posts, I don’t have enough hours in the day.

I have decided to bring my ‘Word Count Weekly’ posts to an end, and post updates as and when I have time. Once I hit the editing stage, the updates will be sporadic and dependent on whether I have anything of significance to report.

I have been posting up to five posts some weeks, and now, unless I have something worth sharing, I will be cutting back to three. It’s getting a little tight trying to juggle a full blog and my work in progress, and although I love blogging, I need to give myself back some writing time for my novel. At first, the three posts will all be various writing exercise posts, but when my ‘Write Me’ posts come to an end in a few weeks, Monday’s slot will free up for shorter posts of book reviews, musings, and tip shares etc.

6e6bdf3e9fe1c79f5bc8074f22f1c4b0I have big plans for 2016 and I am taking the necessary steps to ensure I achieve them.

Seeing as I haven’t any writing news to report, I have decided to share a few pictures of my totally awesome Christmas gifts. My husband has covered both my writing and fan girl obsessions with his enviable gift buying skills.

I hope you all had a fantastic time over the holidays, and are looking forward to a bright and productive new year .

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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #19

  • I have a five year old daughter.
  • School Christmas plays and parties have been non-stop.
  • I’m still recuperating after my wedding on the 11th.
  • I didn’t start my Christmas shopping until this week.

There you have my list of reasons…*excuses* for my shameful word count this week.

701 Words

It’s okay, though. I’ve been enjoying myself, enjoying family life, and getting in the Christmas spirit. 701 words will do.

I won’t hold out any promises for next week’s word count either. It’s Christmas week, so I shall be eating, drinking, and having a blast. I hope you all do too. Let’s all aim for a festive, merry week and low word counts.

And if you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit…giphy (57).gif

Excerpt from this week’s W.I.P:

I wear pyjamas. I haven’t worn pyjamas in weeks. They seem pointless, what if we need to run in a hurry? Pink, fluffy pyjamas with unicorns on them aren’t the most practical outlaw attire. I strip them off and chuck them into the corner. Instead, opting for jeans, a grey, knit sweater, and zip up boots. I fill a rucksack with more practical choices before climbing back into bed.

I just want to add a huge thank you to everyone who read my short stories and writing exercises this week. Your comments have been amazing, motivating, and uplifting. Your support is much appreciated.


All written works are the property of K.J.Chapman

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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #17 & #18

My word counts are pretty decent considering I got married and all… Yep, I’m on a bridal/ post-wedding high right now, and I don’t care who knows it. I took a blog hiatus last week, so this ‘Word Count Weekly’ is a double whammy.

Sunday 6th final tally: 3568 Words

Sunday 13th final tally: 2116 Words

 I thought I’d be run ragged, and have little time for my W.I.P, but it actually proved a welcome distraction when the wedding planning stress was at a high. I could disappear into Teddie Leason’s life and re-emerge in my own in a much calmer,amiable state. Writing is amazing, is it not?

giphy (53).gifThat being said, I was steamrolling on with the narrative, but felt a little lost. I was struggling with too many info dumps because I was trying to explain the narrative to myself. I went through this same phase whilst writing EVO Nation, and I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I do not edit on a first draft, it would be my downfall, so I shall power on and sort the info dumps during editing once my draft is complete.

Last week’s excerpt: 

The wardrobe door is ajar, bursting with clothes and shoes. I pick up my fox slippers and drop them just as quickly. None of this seems real. None of this seems connected to me. I thought those slippers were the coolest thing since sliced bread, now they’re insignificant. Who gives a shit about fox slippers when the world is falling apart?

I shut the door and jump at the sight of Adam standing behind it. “It feels like I’ve stepped into someone else’s life,” I admit, sliding my arms around his waist.

This week’s excerpt:

“I love you,” I say straight into his mind. It doesn’t even feel like telepathy, more like we are one mind. We both soar from the bed, our entwined bodies suspended in an orb of electrokinetic and telekinetic energy. Only, the telekinesis is not my own, I’m not in control. I am linked, but separate at the same time. The bed and the rest of the furniture follow us, hovering below, and shaking violently.


All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman


Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #16

I may not have hit a similar word count target to last week’s 10k, but I have had a good week in general and that’s all that counts. First things first, I have hit a reasonable word count that I’m pleased with…

4012 Words

I’ve also been finalising wedding prep this week; spray painting decorations like the concept is going out of fashion, and a girly day of make-up testing on Thursday. Next week’s word count may be lower again due to the fact that my wedding is on December 11th, eek!

12313731_1076468465737903_5274154940506809865_nNot only has wedding prep consumed my week, but Christmas prep has kind of spiraled too. This weekend has been the only weekend we all have had time to put the decorations up together, so that’s exactly what we did! Decorations, Santa meet ‘n ‘ greets, and Christmas shopping have made the week a busy one.

As for my writing, I had a monumental brainwave on Tuesday. An ending idea exploded in my mind with little ghgjgwarning, and had the force of a lightning bolt. However, jumping around the room with excitement was quickly replaced with nausea and heart break. Yes, the idea is a good one (even if I do say so myself), but it’s going to be a killer to write. I’ll get the tissues ready.

As I fore-mentioned, next week is going to be hit and miss as I try to keep Bridezilla at bay. There will be a small blog hiatus planned from December 5th, so watch out for the blog post about that one.

Excerpt from this week’s W.I.P:

I start awake to screams and a swerving sensation in my stomach. Rio wrestles the wheel as we careen off the road and into undergrowth. Cooper’s full weight pins me to the chair, but I push him away, raise my hand, and force out a blast of energy. The windscreen shatters outwards in a splintering crash, and the van stops dead, its tail end rising, and then slamming to the ground with a brain rattling thud.

“Is everyone alright?” Rio asks, his voice shaking.

I feel every inch of my body to double check. “What the hell happened?”

“You just saved our asses that’s what,” says Brick. “Was that lightning?” Rio just nods, staring out at the smoking bonnet. “Isn’t that lucky or something?”

Pug pulls a gun from his waistband. “Lucky? Where the fuck did it come from?”

“The sky dumb ass,” Brick says, laughing.

“Hardy har. Don’t you think it’s a little coincidental that there’s not a cloud in the sky and a bunch of renegade EVO get struck by lightning? Everyone out, masks on, and be ready.”

I reach out my telepathy- silence apart from Kid singing along to ACDC in his head. “There’s no one except Kid for as far as my telepathy can reach.”

Pug chews at a hang nail, unsure of my ability and the reliability of what I said. “Just keep your heads out of your asses and be vigilant.”

I pull my mask over my face, open the door, and step out into the chilling air. Pug’s right, the sky is clear. Lightning is not a possibility.


All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman


Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #15

I’m on fire at the moment. It’s nice to be able to report a whopper of a word count this week.

10,012 Words

I know, right? Is this the same girl who moans about her low word counts the majority of the time? Yep, it’s me… I kicked my W.I.P’s ass!giphy (17)

I estimate that I have another 30,000 words to finish the first draft of EVO Shift, and if I carry on in the same way as this week I’ll be done in three weeks. But… I’m a realist, and I can hand on heart say that that will not be happening. Double those three weeks and we’re in business.

Excerpt from this week’s W.I.P:

He leans in closer, lowering his voice to barely a whisper. “You know you’ve got me, right?” He looks around, making sure he can’t be over heard. Woe betides anyone thinks he has a heart and not a swinging brick. “We’re solid you and me. I’ve been thinking about what you said back at the fight house… I feel protective over you. You’re like my little sister.”


Excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

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Word Count Weekly

Word Count Weekly #14

Last week was a little strange, and this week has been a little hectic. My daughter turned five on Thursday… How do I have a five year old little human? The week was consumed with present buying, party organising, and endless questions of, ‘how many sleeps is it until my birthday?’

We planned a party with her close friends after school, and that I would sort the last minute details whilst Sophie was at school… no such luck. Sophie woke in the night with a temperature and a hideous cough. In the morning she had totally lost her voice, and I had to call her in absent at school. She still had her party, but was off school on Friday too. I could have done with Friday to myself to recover. Two days down with zero words written.

On Saturday morning, we heard the horrid news about the terrorism attacks in Paris. I couldn’t concentrate on my WIP with keeping an eye on the news and the aftermath. I chose not to post anything other than condolences and messages of love on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday. Anything else would have felt inappropriate to me.

This week’s word count reflects my lack of writing time and concentration. My most productive writing days were Monday and Sunday morning.

3256 Words

Excerpt from this week’s work in progress:

Scrambling to my feet, I run up behind Boss, pull the small blade from his thigh, and stab it into his neck. Cooper rolls out from beneath him as he falls onto his stomach with blood pumping from his neck like a fountain. The knowing in his eyes is chilling. He knows he is dying and that I am the one who killed him. It feels like time has slowed, but it only takes a split second for the life to leave him.

I’d like to express my sorrow, horror, devastation, and sympathy for France at this horrific time, and I’d like to offer my love. Remember that love is something that terrorism can never affect. Unite and offer love because that’s the solid rock of
humanity, not fear and hate.

All excerpts are the works of K.J.Chapman

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